About the girl

When I’m not talking about food (which is most of the time), I’m writing about it. How fitting it was then, for me create a Bristol food blog where I could share my latest finds and my passion for independent eateries with everyone else!

Three years on from its humble beginnings as the ‘The Famished Fox’ blog, Girl in Bristol has grown to include more photography and more restaurants as Bristol has continue to change and expand its food scene. As you peruse through the reviews, I hope this blog will entertain you whilst providing you with further inspiration for places to visit following my a recount of my personal experiences. Of course, I hope that after reading you’ll check out a few of the places mentioned and comment with your own thoughts too.

If you have any suggestions of places for me to visit or would like me to come and review  your establishment/event please drop me an email on girlinbristol@hotmail.com or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.


4 thoughts on “About the girl

  1. Hey Grace,

    I think your blog is awesome. I’ve managed to get past that I crave pizza every time I visit and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out in my most recent post on isthisfood.


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