Bomboloni, 225 Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road’s food scene has suffered quite a battering recently. Biblos, Bagel Boy and Zazu’s Kitchen to name just a few of the restaurants which have (rather suddenly) closed their doors. However with the closure of some eateries, there is opportunity for others to bring something new to the road. Enter, the Italian-inspired, Bomboloni. 

Former chef at Tart Cafe, Andrew Griffin has returned to Gloucester Road with the support of his family to bring authentic, simple Italian food to Bristol with a family-friendly feel. Changing daily, the menu has a strong seasonal element to it with regular grilled fish, pasta and risotto-based dishes on offer.

Whilst it was great to see that Bomboloni covered all the Italian bases from pizza to seafood, in my mind everything was riding on their pasta. With the likes of Pasta Loco now on the scene, the standard has been set high for pasta dishes in Bristol so we were keen to see how Bomboloni’s offering compared.


Of the four pasta options on offer that evening, we opted for the Ox cheek ragu and mushroom linguini carbonara topped with parmesan and truffle sauce. Coming in at just over a tenner in price, the costs of Bomboloni’s mains were very reasonable, so reasonable we indulged in a side of their polenta chips (£3.50) too.

Fried to give every chip a crisp and golden exterior, the polenta chips made a great alternative to the usual wedges you’d have elsewhere. Topped with shavings of parmesan, every mouthful was a delight.


The mains, I’m pleased to say, exceeded expectation. My mushroom linguini served in a creamy sauce infused with truffle was perfection, so much so that I rationed out the last morsels to make it last that little bit longer. My companion’s Ox cheek ragu went down with equal gusto, the rich tomato flavours blending wonderfully with the braised, tender meat.


To round off our meal, and accompany the last of our wine, we chose Bomboloni’s name sake, the Italian doughnut served with homemade salted caramel and lemon curd sauces for dipping.

Light and fluffy with a generous sprinkling of sugar over each of the four Bomboloni, the meal ended on a sweet note in every sense.


Sat on the decking, overlooking a dreamy sunset with the gentle hum of Gloucester Road’s Thursday night crawler’s in our ears, our first experience of Bomboloni was a great one.

Bristol’s Italian scene continues to grow, and the standard seems to get ever higher! I urge you to try this new joint in town, Bomboloni certainly got this girl in Bristol’s approval.

Please note: All photography belongs to me, please do not use without asking my permission first


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