Cosmo Bristol, 30 Triangle West

Based on the Clifton Triangle since 2009, Cosmo serves an around-the-world all-you-can-eat buffet. Following the emergence of rival Za Za Bazaar, there was discussion as to whether Cosmo would continue to thrive in Bristol but with the turn of the year, we arrived to find a still bustling Cosmo on Monday evening.

img_6536With several members of staff patrolling the floor, ready to whisk away any dirty plates, we took to our seats and kicked off the meal with a mojito for me and a large glass of wine for my plus one, Helen.

Our table mat/menu displayed a list of cuisines which were on offer at Cosmo and a step by step guide for how the dining experience worked. In a nutshell the customer arrives, order drinks from the table and then helps themselves to as much or as little from the food court as they desire, when they can finally take no more, they pay a fixed fee for food plus drinks costs on top. For lunch the total starts from £7.99 pp and for dinner £14.50 pp.

The food court itself had a variety of things on offer which catered to any whim. If you wanted roast beef and a Yorkshire pudding with sushi and lasagne – you could have it. If you liked mixing your sweets with your savouries, no one would bat an eyelid if you ladled molten chocolate over king prawn curry. Mooching around, there were certainly stranger combinations to be seen on the plates of passers-by!

I went with sushi and Chinese to start – opting for a little bit of everything from each of the stations. Then followed up with a plate heaped with lasagne, an assortment of Indian curries and a couple of roast potatoes. Some of the more fishier curries were not to our tastes but the great thing about the all you can eat concept was that we could experiment with things we normally wouldn’t try and if we didn’t end up liking some of it – we’d just go get a fresh plate and start again.


The highlight of the meal for us was definitely the chocolate fountain. Well, two chocolate fountains in fact, one flowing with white chocolate and the other milk chocolate. Besides the huge chocolate fountains, there was also an array of little desserts – largely cream based.  There was fruit available too but few bothered. With skewers in hand, we spent a great deal of time creating our marshmallow and molten chocolate desserts – pity there were no strawbs.

img_6537The quality of the food was pretty average and the majority of it was borderline lukewarm/cold but then Cosmo never did promise to provide a formal restaurant experience. What they offer is a large variety of different foods at a cheap and cheerful price, guaranteeing a meal that will hit the spot in a spacious, relaxed setting. With this in mind, it was of no surprise the majority of the customers that night were families or groups of friends out for a birthday meal.

Given my personal tastes and love of independent eateries, Cosmo isn’t really for me but for those of you who are on a budget with a lot of (fussy) mouths to feed, Cosmo may be just the ticket.

Please Note: Whilst our meals were complimentary and I was invited to review, all opinions given are my own. Photography is my own so please do not reuse without permission.


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