The Burger Joint, Whiteladies Road

It’ll be of no surprise to you (for the majority of you are Bristol dwellers), that Bristolians have always been keen to support a local, independent business. After starting up in 2009, The Burger Joint has rapidly expanded its reach with Bristolians backing it all the way from its first opening in Clifton, to its third in Fishponds.

Owner Dan Bekhradnia who owns The Burger Joint, was inspired following his experiences as a chef and front-of-house. He noticed burgers were fiercely popular amongst every age (not just the whipper snappers) and yet, no one was really selling burgers exclusively in Bristol – yet. Despite it being the middle of a recession Dan took the plunge, turned away from his initial career path in Politics and opened up his first restaurant.

Quite a story and it seems Dan’s risk paid off as The Burger Joint is and remains one of the most well-regarded burger places in Bristol. In recognition of its recent menu and website update, my plus 1 Toby and I sauntered on over to The Burger Joint on Whiteladies to meet Dan and check out the menu!


Keeping with the theme of its other branches, The Burger Joint on Whiteladies Road has the same exposed brickwork, earthy charcoal grey and red walls and large wooden tables. We sat with a wider group of bloggers at the back of the restaurant with the kitchen hidden away behind us. I must say, some burger orders were simply inspiring. Good effort nachos and pulled pork toppings man, good effort.

Sipping on a delightfully creamy, thick peanut butter milkshake (which made dry January so much more bearable whilst everyone else had wine), we kicked off the night with moorish truffle and parmesan fries and surprisingly meaty (?) beetroot and feta burgers. It was great to see Dan’s passion for the new menu, given the rise in vegetarian orders they’d been taking at The Burger Joint, the Beetroot and Feta burger was just one of a few new vegetarian options they’d come up with.

Once the fries and beetroot burgers had been packed away, I was feeling pleasantly full but The Burger Joint were just getting started, Dan soon came back to ask what we wanted for the main event!


Using one of The Burger Joint’s infamous tick sheets whilst Toby cracked on with his dot-to-dot quiz, I chose the Wild Boar burger in a brioche bun with blue cheese, sautéed mushrooms and garlic mayo.

There were many other Burger options to choose from too. For £8.95 you could get a burger with a choice of a ciabatta, brioche or no bun, 1 free side from 12 options and 2 sauces from a further 23 options. On top of all that, the menu also had an array of additional toppings, for £1.95 you could add any extra three – including chilli con carne, BBQ pulled pork and beer-battered onion rings. Just imagine! Well you don’t have to, you can just go and order it if you’re feeling ravenous.

My burger was everything I dreamed it would be, the wild boar and blue cheese combo was simply dreamy, lashings of garlic mayo oozing out with each bite, complimented by the mushrooms hidden below. The sweetness of the brioche created a good contrast to the saltiness of the boar and it was all very, very moist and tasty. I was glad I had corn on the cob as a side by the end, I doubt I could have hacked a second round of fries!

“Even with the multitude of bizarre combinations available, I don’t think The Burger Joint are capable of making an unpleasant burger! I played it safer than many, with a Wild Boar, Halloumi, Streaky bacon and Fried Egg combo but I didn’t regret it for a second. With portion sizes to satisfy the most hungry of people and iconic order sheets, I can’t wait to visit again. PS. The sweet potato fries are a must!” – Toby

Ready to burst at the seams, I cradled my rapidly developing burger baby and said my goodbyes.

Never have I found a venue in Bristol which boasts such menu customisability. You can build your burger exactly how you want it, as big as you want it, then sit back and let The Burger Joint do the hard work before you enjoy it!

Please Note: Whilst I was invited to review The Burger Joint and our meals were complimentary, this in no way impacted upon the opinions given.


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