Pieminster Does Brunch, 7 Broad Quay

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know I’m a big fan of Pieminster (see blog post for more details), so how excited was I to hear that they had launched a new brunch menu?

I know what you’re thinking – pie for breakfast? Isn’t that a little heavy for a Sunday morning? Ah but what if I tell you it’s a special free range British pork sausage, smoked bacon and roast plum tomato pie with a crispy rӧsti potato top? Now I’ve got your attention.

Drawn in by their deliciously tantalising menu, my sister and I wondered down to Pieminster’s Broad Quay restaurant last weekend. The second weekend Pieminster had been serving their brunch there. We grabbed a table outside, looking over the Bristol harbourside street market and promptly turned to peruse through the menu after being briefly distracted by our discovery of face swap on snapchat …

13918585_10154402398194860_1574187976_oTo kick off our leisurely Sunday, we both went for the cold coffee option. Won over by the sweeter alternative Millie went for the coffee frappe which was made using Marshfield Ice Cream (£3.40) whilst I went for the more traditional iced coffee which came with a shot of syrup (£2.80), I opted for my staple vanilla. Shortly after ordering, our waiter came back with a pair of sundae glasses filled with two blended iced coffees, both had a cute red and white striped straw which we liked. Millie’s was probably my favourite of the two coffees, thick and creamy with the addition of ice cream though mine was still refreshing and tasty with a little froth at the top. The only criticism was that the vanilla shot didn’t really come through.

After much deliberation, we decided to select something from the skillet and sourdough sections of the menu for our first Pieminster brunch experience.

The first thing I loved about the brunch choices on offer at Pieminster was their originality. With so many (amazing) places serving brunch in Bristol it can be difficult for new brunch menus to offer something which hasn’t been done well before but brunch in a skillet was something I had never seen; let alone a brunch pie!


My Hashed-Up (£7.50) was the perfect breakfast-lunch combo. The chunks of British salt beef teamed with potato hash, cheddar, cheese and sweet onions worked wonderfully together and the gooey poached egg on top added extra moisture to each bite whilst giving the overall plate a more brunchy twist. The smokey baked beans were tasty too, though they were a little cold when we got round to them.

Millie’s smoked salmon and poached egg topped with lemon and herb crème fraîche on buttered toast (£6.50) was generously portioned. In fact millie couldn’t quite finish all her salmon, amateur I know! The plate as a whole looked great in presentation and the lemon and herb crème fraîche helped balance out the strong smoky taste of the salmon. An additional crunch from the buttered sourdough kept the textures varied.


The only thing from the menu which did disappoint was the side of bubble and squeak (£2.20). This turned out to be a small dish of garlic-infused fried onions with a few herbs on the top which wasn’t what we were expecting. I always thought bubble and squeak comprised of ingredients like potato, cabbage, carrots and peas. Either way, it did still work well with the Hashed-Up and Salmon.

Finished with a mocha for Mil and a latte for me, my sister and I ventured off into the sunshine with a smile on our faces and a happily satisfied appetite which saw us through until dinner. With reasonable prices, happy staff and deliciously moreish grub I will be back for more. And soon.

Please Note: Whilst I was invited to review and our meals were complimentary, this in no way impacted upon my opinions given. The photography rights also belong to Pieminster/myself so don’t be pinching them! 😉


2 thoughts on “Pieminster Does Brunch, 7 Broad Quay

  1. Didn’t finish her brunch! Shame on Millie! I hope you sent her to bed early without her supper for a week… 😉

    Sounds awesome by the way. I’ve always liked Pieminster’s pies, so I suspect I will have to give the brunch a go when I’m next in Bristol 🙂


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