MeatLiquor, 77-79 Stokes Croft

13621882_10154388012889860_1259718309_oDining in a restaurant which is decked top-to-bottom in graffiti with heavy-duty tunes blasting through the speakers is not for everyone. Though such a restaurant can be a good place to go for a weekend grub stop when you’re in need of some meat to line your stomach and liquor to kick off your night. Enter, the aptly named, MeatLiquor.

After a somewhat chaotic weekend at the Bristol Harbourside Festival, my friend Helen and I were looking for the opposite to a night filled with meat and liquor. How convenient then that MeatLiquor had invited us to try their new brunch menu that weekend at their branch in Stokes Croft which opened last year.

Shuffling in on a quiet Sunday morning, MeatLiquor was pretty empty save for their 13835832_10154388012859860_1433413922_oupbeat staff who quickly saw us to a booth seat beside a large window. With their cupboard locked and the lock-smith on his way, we couldn’t order MeatLiquor’s bottomless coffee for £2.50 (bargain!) but we could order one of their Bloody Mary’s (£7.50) which I’d been warned had a serious kick to it. The rumours weren’t wrong. With a hearty burst of pepper and mysterious ‘soul sauce,’ vodka, tomato juice and celery – MeatLiquor’s BM certainly brought a bit of life back into our weary bodies, so much so that we couldn’t quite hack more than a few sips and that was their mild version!

For brunch itself, we went for the British (£8.00) and Greek (£8.00) options. The British consisted of your traditional fry-up; eggs, bacon, cumberland sausage, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and buttered bread. My Greek option was a little more unusual, served in three different dishes which came on a larger tray. First, there was a blue rimmed dish filled with Greek yoghurt, honey, strawberries, raspberries and grapes. Then came the grilled halloumi, tomatoes and fried eggs on chargrilled bread. Finally there was a dish of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and olives with a huge slab of feta topped with herbs. It was a surprising sight I’ll admit, I was expecting all the components to be merged together as one dish but there was certainly enough to satisfy an empty stomach.


The grilled halloumi was great, served on a piece of crispy white bread with the sweetness of the grilled tomatoes to provide some contrast but the rest of it just felt unnecessary. The massive slap of feta shoved on the edge of a plate filled with chopped cucumber and olives had nothing tantalising about it, the fruit was swimming in yoghurt and the three dishes didn’t really compliment each other at all. It all felt very slap-dash and the eggs were rubbery in texture too which was a shame.


Alas, my first experience at MeatLiquor was not as positive as i would have liked but I do think that may have been caused by a poor menu choice. Rather their more meaty, american-style brunch options looked much better, as did their breakfast burger, though I couldn’t quite handle that at 10 in the morning. In the future, should I venture back to MeatLiquor I think I’ll stick to ordering what they do best, burgers and booze.

Please note: Whilst our meal were complimentary and I was invited to review MeatLiquor, this in no way impacted upon the opinions given in this review.


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