Brunch at the Hobgoblin, Gloucester Road

“So, what do you fancy doing today?”

12516004_10154060165244860_913006406_nThis is a question we all love and hate to be asked in equal measure.

On one hand, weekends provide us with the freedom which allows us to ask this question at all; we have 48 hours where we can go anywhere and do anything without the confines that working life brings.

However, getting up and doing these things requires retreating from the warmth of your bed, putting clothes on (to form some socially acceptable ensemble) and playing about with makeup. It’s a lot of effort to go through.

But THAT is where brunch comes in. In fact, most of the people at brunch are still in a state of semi-consciousness. Brunch is the perfect leisurely activity which tempts you out without requiring much effort and once you’re up, who knows where the day will take you.

Recently, Wriggle has become my go-to for brunch inspiration. I wake up on Saturday morning (or afternoon, depending on the activities which ensued the night before), roll over to my bedside table, open the app, scroll through the options then select and pay before grabbing a few more winks. That’s it. The destination is decided and the food is already paid for before I’ve even left home. All I have to do is get to the place at the allotted time.

Last weekend, we chose to go to the Hobgoblin on Gloucester Road, won over by the promise of a £3.50 breakfast, so I decided to blog about it.

Many know the Hobgoblin for of its infamous dirty fries, others just know it as a bar. I’ll admit, I didn’t know it served brunch until I saw the option pop up on Wriggle. With lots of window seating and sofas tucked away at the back, we were pleasantly surprised by the Hob’s casual and relaxed setting in the morning. After making our way to the bar, we were quickly brought our OJ and coffees after handing in our Wriggle code and choosing an option from the food menu. Then, we just slumped by the window and watched the world go by as our brunch was prepared in the kitchen out back.

I’ll admit, there wasn’t as much atmosphere at the Hob as you would find in more café environments like Bakers and Co but it was great to see the Hob were serving slightly alternative options which you wouldn’t necessarily find elsewhere.


From the five or six options listed, I chose the Veggie Hob which definitely hit the spot. With three (slightly overcooked) hash browns, two fried eggs with perfectly runny yolks, a refreshing small salad of red pepper and raw onion and a mound of moreish five bean chilli with molten cheese and a dollop of sour cream on top – I was very happy. My companion on the other hand went down the more traditional root with a cooked breakfast served with two sides of white toast, hash browns, streaky bacon, baked beans, sausages, fried eggs and mushrooms. Neither of us could completely finish our breakfast which is a rare thing indeed but we both left happily satisfied.

If you’re looking for a venue which has ambience in spades and perfectly crafted coffee, the Hobgoblin may not be your best option. However for a cheap, tasty and filling breakfast to kick-start your day – I’d recommend it. I mean come on – £3.50? That’s cheaper that eggs benedict at Spoons!

To get £3 off your first Wriggle purchase, use the promotion code: FHQZYT – You know what that means? 50p brunch people!

69-71 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AS

Banner image from: The Gloucester Road Story


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