Entelia via the Deliveroo App

2015 was a year of firsts for me; I travelled to new countries, moved to a new house, got a new job and met some very special people. It was also a year for trying many new cuisines thanks to reviewing opportunities. In December, I became a huge advocate of Japanese food after visiting Bento Boss so when I was asked to review Deliveroo I thought I’d swap it up and try Greek.

But what is Deliveroo, I hear you ask?

Well if you haven’t seen their cyclists around town (the guys with huge turquoise boxes on their backs), Deliveroo is a takeaway app which lets you order food from a number of familiar independents in the area including the Burger Joint, Rocotillos and No. 51. You can also order from Wagamamas or Prezzo using the app.

Pricewise – everything costs the same as it would if you were at the restaurant, with an additional flat-fee of £2.50 for the delivery service. However before you start ordering a starter of sushi from Nomu and a lasagna from Carluccio’s, it’s worth knowing that you can only order from one restaurant at a time.

Our experience with ordering from Deliveroo got off to a rocky start when we were unable to place our order the night before and we couldn’t choose a delivery time, although the options box was there suggesting we could. This was a little inconvenient for us as my friend and I finished work at different times so she had to text me what she wanted so I could put the order through before she arrived but thankfully, she managed to beat the driver to mine!

Nonetheless, I did like how the app updated me on the process of the order as it was cooked, prepared for delivery and delivered. There was also a map which showed the location of our deliverer as he got closer to where we were with a timer above saying how much longer we had to wait. There is roughly a 45 minute wait per order.

When the food arrived via a friendly Deliveroo cyclist, I’ll admit I was a little underwhelmed by Entelia’s mezze offering. The quality of small plates served in Bristol has been upped substantially thanks to places like Flow but unfortunately Entelia didn’t hit the mark. The six mezze dishes we had felt slightly greasy and they lacked flavour to the point where it was hard to tell one dish from another on the fork. In particular the Papoutsakia, stuffed aubergines topped with minced meat, was so soggy most of it was thrown away.

That said, we did enjoy the garlic mushrooms and the Spetzofi, a dish which comprised of spicy Greek sausage with peppers and onions in a tomato-based sauce. The portion sizes were generous and we certainly weren’t hungry at the end of the meal.

The Deliveroo app does make independents more accessible by offering customers the chance to enjoy locally-made food in the comfort of their own home. All effort is made to keep the food hot during transit and the cyclist deliverers are lovely. The food from Entelia may have been a disappointment when we tried it but there are other great places listed on the app. I would recommend giving Deliveroo a go on those chilly nights when you fancy something a little special for dinner, it’s all paid for using the app so there’s no need for a dash to the ATM either. Horaay!

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst I was invited to review Deliveroo and our meals were paid for, all opinions are my own. You’ll find no bias here! Apologies for the poor photography on this occasion – it was hard to take snaps of takeway!


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