Six Foodie Recommendations for December

Well hello, hello, hello.

It’s been a while! Admittedly that’s a little bit my fault. Okay, it’s a lot my fault but you know how it is, Christmas holidays and all, a lot goes on and your virtual life takes a bit of a back seat!

Nonetheless in place of my lack of posts this month, I hope I can make it up to you with a round up of places I’ve been to in the past month which I’d heartily recommend you visit.

Disclaimer: A lot of these places are pubs. Not that that’s a bad thing.

The Kings Arms

Image from Kings Arms website

When the weather gets nippy and the chill starts to get under your skin, there’s nothing more appealing than a cosy pub which is generous with its central heating. The Kings Arms on Whiteladies Road is one such pub.

With cushy leather sofas, atmospheric dimmed lighting and the soothing sound of opera playing through the speakers, this dog friendly pub is the perfect place for a pint during the winter months. Although don’t go there on the weekend if you’re hoping for a quiet one – it gets rammed. There are a substantial number of different spirits tucked behind the bar and on Sunday you can get a delicious Sunday Roast.

The Rose of Denmark

Image from Trip Advisor

If you’ve come across the Bristol Sunday Roast Club on Facebook, you’ll have seen the Rose of Denmark pop up time and time again as a pub which is known for its Sunday Roast, most of which come in at just under a tenner.

I went for the three meat roast (obviously) and was very impressed by the quality and quantity I received for my money. The veggies came on a separate sharing dish which we weren’t too thrilled about but everything was delicious, so much so that I literally pulled out my finger to scoop up the remaining juices. No judgements on this blog!

Whilst the pub is quite large, downstairs the low ceilings, wooden beams and bookcases keep The Rose feeling homey. If you love the Harbourside walk, I recommend you take the five minute detour past the pump house to check out this gem.


Often, people can dismiss vegetarian food as boring and unfulfilling. Flow has successfully proven this is not the case. From cauliflower fritters to smoked cheddar and leek risotto balls (yes, they do taste as good as they sound), Flow’s choice of small plates and tartines will get you salivating before you’ve even seen it.

Did I mention Flow also do cocktails? Their rhubarb cocktail was deemed the drink of the summer by many Bristol foodies.


Image from

Based on the corner of Jamaica Street, Poco is a tapas bar which prides itself on serving ethically sourced food, 90% of which comes from local suppliers.

If you’re after a cosy dining experience, Poco is full of character with a charming little seating area tucked at the back behind its open kitchen. The menu changes according to the seasons keeping Poco’s tapas menu fresh (literally) but recently, I’ve loved dropping by for a leisurely Saturday brunch on my way back home.

Hello Fresh

The outcome!

A little while ago, my lovely Auzzie friend who used to sell Hello Fresh, invited me over for dinner so we could make one of Hello Fresh’s recipes using the ingredients she received in her food crate which is delivered weekly.

The meatball-pasta goulash was incredibly tasty and all the ingredients were clearly of high quality. Minus one blackened avocado. If you’re always low on time but desperately want to eat and cook healthy – Hello Fresh could be worth a go if you’ve got the cash.

Bento Boss

Bento Boss has quickly become my go-to for work lunches, in fact my work colleague and I have made it our Monday lunch tradition.  The food is very reasonably priced and delivered as and when it’s cooked so you’ve got a constant flow of food which comes to your table depending on how much you order. I recommend the Katsu curry which comes with sticky rice, lightly battered courgette(?) and the curry itself. Ooh it’s so tasty. Japanese food is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Where have you lot been eating this month? Let me know in the comments or drop me a tweet and I’ll scout them out next year!


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