Crêpe Affaire, Queen’s Road

Girl in Bristol gets a crêpe education on Queen’s Road at Crêpe Affaire … 

I’m very familiar with pancakes, waffles and general brunch-related things (see majority of my posts for more details) but crepes have always been a bit of a rarity in my life.

Sure, you can find crêpes served as a dessert in Bristol but I’d never even considered crêpes to be something you could have for breakfast or lunch – until I got an email from Crêpe Affaire

12178132_10153719457899860_172276090_nSitting opposite the Wills Memorial Building, Crêpe Affaire looks like a standard café from the outside with its clean minimalistic design, tiled walls and leather banquettes. However as the name suggests the venue’s main trade, of course, is crêpes; the menu divided up into breakfast, lunch and sweet crêpe options.

Yes, it turns out you can get a full cooked breakfast or eggs Benedict served inside a crêpe!

Will (my plus one) went down the healthy route when we arrived, ordering a very berry smoothie to whet his appetite which he described as “tangy and refreshing.” Personally, I found the smoothie a little too sharp and seedy for my liking but my latte (£2.25) was a winter warmer after our rainy walk there, albeit a tad too bitter in taste.

12188312_10153719458304860_1500085974_nThe crêpes however were a roaring success on both accounts. Will’s Chicken
Supreme (£5.90) was packed full of chicken and bacon which he was greatly impressed with, making it a “tasty and substantial lunch” in his books. My Le Goat Deluxe (£4.60) was equally delicious, the sweet caramelised red onions and generous amounts of goats cheese encased within the freshly made crêpe, making it the ultimate comfort food for a rainy Saturday. We also had a small side salad to add a touch of greenery to the table – and a Nutella milkshake (we shared it I promise!).

Oh but it didn’t stop there – as soon as our plates were cleared, sweet crêpes came to replace them. Whilst Will was swayed by the “I’ll have what she’s having” (though it wasn’t what *I* was having) option which included strawberries, cream and chocolate, I followed my hankering for an apple crumble crêpe.

12179337_10153719458134860_1324282036_nFilled with cooked apples, sultanas, butterscotch sauce and a sprinkling of crumble mix and cinnamon – my apple crumble crêpe (£4.85) was a little too sweet for me but I loved the cinnamon and crumble mix inside which gave the pud a slight crunch. Will (who informs me he would happily have another right now), was mightily impressed with the amount of fresh strawberries he found within his crepe (£5.35) and the name of it in particular which sparked animated conversation on our table!

In all we had a lovely time at Crêpe Affaire, sat on the top floor overlooking the bustling Queens Street. The staff were incredibly friendly and obliging and there was a lovely atmosphere. Downstairs, it was a little cramped with little ones running about but upstairs, the space was bright and open, the yellow sunflowers on the tables adding a pop of colour.

12179542_10153719457824860_890302545_nIf you’re looking for some warming comfort food for under a fiver – Crêpe Affaire is worth a look in. I recommend you try one of the savoury crêpes in particular, whilst I was slightly dubious about the fillings to begin with – the savoury crepes turned out to be our favourite!

Crêpe Affaire, 5 Queen’s Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1QE

Please Note: Whilst I was invited to review Crêpe Affaire and our food was complimentary, all opinions are my own. 


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