Superfoods, Park Street

When you hear the words “fast food,” you tend to think of fries, battered chicken and maybe a sachet of mayo shoved into some form of branded packaging right? Sure it’s packed full of calories and grease but sometimes you just need a grab-and-go meal which is convenient and healthy food for the most part isn’t that; it requires thought, preparation and time which a lot of us city folk don’t usually have. Thus we turn to Miss Millie’s, the Grecian and [insert your favourite greasy spoon here].

Enter: Superfoods, the new joint on Park Street.

launch pic 2

When entering Superfoods for their launch night last Thursday, we soon realised healthy convenience food wasn’t all that Superfoods offer. No the two-floored venue is actually divided up into four quarters, which all serve a different purpose.

In the first quarter, a bar serving 86 different healthy food options is right beside the door for those who literally want to grab some food and go. Turn right and you’re in the second quarter, a healthy foods shop which serves the likes of Pip and Nut Almond and Coconut Butter and Drink Maple water. Pop down the stairs and you’ll be in the third quarter, another shop area selling health supplements and whey powders to the left of which is the final quarter, a seating area where customers can have their lunch.

12053410_10153668533039860_296460228_nThough divided up into different sections, the large venue looks very sparse in appearance with its bare shelves although the spotless white walls and pale timber tables may be reflecting the ‘clean eating’ premise of the brand? The products Superfoods stock have also been well thought out; nearly all the things we could see in the shop were vegan and organic and most were from newer brands which you won’t find anywhere else. DrinkMaple was only started up in January 2015 and Primal bars, offering a nuttier alternative to Naked Bars, started up in September 2014.

At the end of our time at the launch, we got to try a sample of Superfood’s healthy fast food options which included quinoa coated chicken, sweet potato wedges, wild rice and other pre-chopped veggies lightly drizzled with a honey, rapeseed and lemon dressing. At first glance, I wasn’t sure it would fill me up but by the end of the meal, I was surprisingly full without the usual ‘heavy feeling’ I get after having a big dinner (a frequent occurrence at home). I was also intrigued to hear about the Superfoods app which will tell you exactly how many calories, vitamins and minerals are in the meals you get there so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body!


I personally adjust my eating and exercise according to how tight my jeans feel in the morning – but I’ll leave that one to you.

Ultimately, Superfoods are sure to be every healthy eating enthusiasts dream once they populate with lots more products. The twist is that they serve convenience foods which make healthy eating possible for the guilt-ridden lunchtime binger too!

Please Note: Photography rights belong to Superfoods and myself, do not redistribute without permission. Whilst I was invited to this event, all opinions are my own.


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