Beatroot Cafe, Lower Park Row

Girl in Bristol discovers new lunch break spot on Lower Park Row. 

Nestled between two converted office spaces on Lower Park Row, you may not have realised Beatroot Café have reopened given their ‘covert’ presence. In fact, the only hint they gave when they reopened in May was an updated cover photo on their Facebook page which featured an ‘open’ sign captioned “looks like we’re back open!”


Inside, Beatroot’s tall, narrow form spreads the café out over four floors with a (now not so) secret garden accessible from the bottom floor and an office/ stockroom at the very top.

The furnishings are a mix of upcycled furniture which gives the café a homey look on the lower floors whilst the upper floor is populated by a single long table and a small library filled with old classic books (squee!), giving it a more intimate feel. Surrounded by the backs of several neighbouring houses, the garden is a great space for a dry day and has multiple benches for you to perch on which are dotted amongst potted plants. The bright orange mural on one side, gives the garden an extra pop of colour and quirky Stokes Croft-esque edge.


With regards to the menu, Beatroot keep things fresh and simple. Everyday there is a veggie and meat-based quiche which can be had with a selection of homemade salads which are sometimes featured on the Wriggle app for £5 (use code FHQZYT to get £3 free credit!). There is also an assortment of brunch-y things available which includes Beatroot’s infamous bacon sarnie and a selection of bagels which are divine! I recommend the quiche and salads if you’re in a hurry.
If you’re just after a cuppa though, there are the usual coffees available which are made with single estate extract coffee and a selection of shakes and smoothies. The bar often has a couple of cakes on offer too if you’ve got a hankering for something sweet.


Now that winter is around the corner many of you (new Bristol students in particular) will be on the hunt for places where you can study or catch up with friends. With plenty of nooks and crannies to hide yourself away in and situated only five minutes away from Bristol University campus, Beatroot is a winner.

With free wi-fi, lovely staff, an incredibly cosy environment and a delicious, homemade menu – Beatroot Café deserves to be noticed. Let’s hope managers Rory and Fleur get their license to open the cafe on weekends soon ‘cuz I’ll be going there like all the time …

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