Friday Night Favourites

Girl in Bristol reveals where she likes to spend the night in Bristol … 

Now I’m not a very superstitious person but I‘ve come to find that all good things come in threes. A few months ago this came in the form of finding a new house, job and church all around the same time but more recently, this rule of three has become applicable to my new habit of going out on Friday night to the same three places.

Sure the girls and I consider going elsewhere, mixing it up a little – but it never really happens. Rather we’ll just drop by any new places on the way to our usuals.

What are these new favourites of mine I hear you ask? Well …

Her Majesty’s Secret Service

11-bigIf you’re into quirky little places which are full of character and gimmicks, Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a new cocktail bar you should definitely try out. Hidden down an alley opposite Starbucks on Whiteladies Road and identifiable only by a white flag with its logo, HMSS has an exclusive feel to it without the ‘poncey’ atmosphere.

When you step through the door, you pass through an iconic telephone box into a room which has wooden panelling with a red hue on one side and exposed brickwork on the other; pint glasses filled with peanuts and passport-looking menus laden the tables and caricatures are hung from the walls. It’s VERY cool and it feels just like stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but with booze.

The cocktails match the novelty of the environment they’re served in. We tried the sweet Violet Fizz and the lemony Daisy De Santiago under Ben’s recommendation, which were a treat for all the senses. Full of flavour and presented wonderfully, every cocktail was a delight. One of our drinks had a sealed tin in it which contained a party popper and cola bottles – you never know quite what you’ll find in HMSS and I adore that.

The Rummer

11924243_897800443601263_7609189444314247280_nAfter attending a rum-tasting event at The Rummer a couple of months ago, I have continued to go back, introducing new people to it each time because it’s such a lovely place. The lounge area is large and classy with black leather sofas and dimmed lighting, there’s a colourful mural on the far wall giving the place an artistic edge and the bar holds a large number of rums and gins to enjoy amongst other spirits and wines.

Most importantly though, the Rummer has managed to cultivate a real community atmosphere. Callum and David, the cocktail-making extraordinaires I’ve met there, know 11040931_10153599144019860_5193732411971432392_nall their regulars by name (I was well chuffed when they remembered mine) and are eager to try out new ideas which result in people coming back again and again.

Currently the Rummer are offering a new ‘smoke and cocktail’ menu for one month which pairs flavoured e-cigarettes and cocktails. We had the Milano Mule which includes a cappuccino and gingerbread vapour alongside an OVD rum, ginger beer and Angostura bitter cocktail which is amazing and the smoke lasts for ages. I just can’t recommend this place highly enough.

The Love Inn

1795585_427475354050253_1307506840_nI love to dance as much as the next person (although I have absolutely no dancing skills to speak of) but I often find the clubs in Bristol are too young or too dressy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about those kinds of places, I just have a fear of raving in front of rowdy teenage boys or girls in killer heels.

Then, I came across The Love Inn.

Although it functions as a smokehouse by day, the Love Inn is a house-playing club by night, cranking out the tunes until the sun comes up with an entry cost of £4 after 10pm. It’s a pretty casual affair with the majority of its guests stumbling in at 2am in jeans and t-shirts but everyone is always eager to get on the dancefloor. There’s no “sexy club dancing etiquette” – you just go for it with your arms flailing in all directions and that’s why it’s so much more fun!

People at the Love Inn are also really friendly and you’ll often find yourself leaving the club with more people than you arrived with. The beer garden out the back is also a great space for chatting and getting some fresh air – just be sure not to slip on the slope if it’s raining. You will end up in a sling for a week. That said, my sling turned out to be a great conversation starter when I returned the following week! 😉

(Please Note: Whilst I was offered complimentary cocktails at HMSS, this did in no sway my opinions on it. The photography also belongs to the respective venues.)


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