Rumageddon #2: Rum Harder, The Rummer

Girl in Bristol attends her first rum-tasting event at The Rummer

Call me uncultured but when I hear the word ‘rum’, I think of James Bond draped sexily across a bar or Jack Sparrow staggering across a ship’s deck crying “where’s the rum?!” True these are very cliché scenarios, but they were all I had to work with given the little experience I had with rum. Then, Rumageddon happened. Well, Rumageddon #2: Rum Harder to be precise.


Hosted by The Rummer, we were met at the rum-tasting event with a sweet, fruity Prosecco Cobbler (£5) to wet our appetite before we joined 48 others in the lounge-like area opposite the bar who had also bought tickets to the event. Some, paid an additional £5 for the additional ‘nibbles’ which had been paired with the five rums we were trying. I, stupidly, didn’t.

Note: When I say ‘nibbles’ I mean canapé style food which can be likened to stuff you’d find in a Michelin Star restaurant; infused dates and funky cheeses etc. The Rummer’s chef Andrew Clatsworthy is going up for a Michelin Star in September…

Soon after, the rum started to arrive in small glasses, each introduced beforehand by a member of the bar staff.

The first, was the four-year-old Tiburon rum from Cardiff which had the simplest flavours of the five with hints of vanilla and oak. Its name also sounded like something out of Game of Thrones which instantly earned it extra brownie points.

11774467_10153520994354860_764036240_nThe second rum, California Argicol, which had been aged in French Oak and brewed using pressed sugar canes was my favourite of the five. It’s olive and truffle undertones giving it an extra sweetness.

Rum number three was the rare Caroni distilled in 1998 before the brewery closed, then followed the 12 year old El Ron Prohibido from Mexico and the New Dawn which had been brewed in the Dominican Republic and then matured for another 15 years.

By this point, we were moving further away from the James Bond stereotype and closer to the Jack Sparrow alternative. Pirate/Bristolian accents grew more pronounced and the Jack Sparrow swagger was in full swing.

But the event wasn’t over yet. There was the Rummer-oni to come. A negroni cocktail with an important switch from gin to rum. With a splash of OJ (or in my case grapefruit juice) this cocktail was an absolute winner. It was also the tipping point from Bond to Sparrow.

11745312_10154031723100744_5116954184274350360_nInto the early hours of the morning, a whirl of singing (badly I assume), dancing and merry-making took place at The Rummer amongst the last of us left standing. A round of elderflower Bellini’s came and went and a further Prosecco Cobbler.

Rumageddon was without doubt one of the most enjoyable events I have been a part of (hats off to Shonette!) and no one wanted it to end. The food pairings were astounding and the bar star were incredibly gracious given our relentless questions and lolling about the bar until pretty much the end (again, if you’re reading this, I’m SO sorry). Though their cocktail making skills were worthy of an audience! Rumageddon #3 can’t come quickly enough. Although next time, I’ll wear my little black dress in the hope that I can finish the night with a little more class. Aha!

Image credits belong to Shonette Laffy and Tim Popple.


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