Brunch at Brace and Browns, Whiteladies Road

Girl in Bristol gets back on the brunch scene and visits Brace and Browns …

Brace and Browns are known for their Monday evening tapas deal and their Sunday lunch but few know about their new tapas-style brunch menu. For £4 a dish you can indulge in eggs, mushrooms and pancakes a’plenty; Bubble and squeak, bacon chops and Mr Brown’s homemade baked beans are available too. You an even have them all and go for the bottomless brunch option for £11 which I highly recommend. 11721295_10153469210339860_1226398739_nWhen we arrived to sample the menu it was pretty quiet on Whiteladies Road but the staff of Brace and Browns quickly put us at ease, bringing us a jar of ice-cool water topped with fresh slices of lemon to refresh us whilst we perused through the menu.

My companion for the morning, chose the bottomless brunch and selected a recommended three plates to start whilst I played it safe and opted for the 2 for £7 brunch deal. There was also the option of having bottomless fizz or a teapot of bloody mary to share but being on a teetotal month I couldn’t have it and my friend had work that afternoon.

11720736_10153469210384860_1228222188_nFor my first dish, I had truffled wild mushrooms, wilted spinach and scrambled egg on toast and a second dish of bubble and squeak with chorizo, topped with a poached egg. My friend on the other hand had scrambled egg, chilli and avocado on toast, portobello mushroom topped with smoked salmon and crème fraiche and grilled halloumi, tomato and garlic bruschetta.

From first bite of my hot, juicy truffled mushrooms, I knew we had made the right decision going to Brace and Browns for breakfast. I was also glad I hadn’t had my usual pre-brunch snack beforehand because the tapas portions turned out to be HUGE. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, I’ve had brunch at other places where a full portion was pretty much the same size as one of Brace and Browns tapas dishes but double the price. No names will be mentioned here of course. Confidentiality my dear friends.

11713386_10153469210389860_1345591393_nAfter our first course of tapas plates were cleared away, my friend chose another three dishes because well, it was a bottomless brunch and he wanted to make the most of it. So he selected pancakes, berries and maple syrup, Greek yoghurt with fresh berries, toasted almonds and oats and honey glazed bacon chop, scrambled eggs and toasted focaccia.

I willingly helped with the pancakes and Greek yoghurt. Okay, I ate half of them.

The flavours in every dish were sublime and everything was cooked to perfection; the scrambled eggs were deliciously creamy, the bubble and squeak was crispy on the outside but soft in the middle and the pancakes were perfectly fluffy with fresh raspberries visible within. The Greek yoghurt served in a cute teacup worked really well with the pancakes too, the toasted almonds and oats in the yoghurt giving each mouthful a pleasing crunch.

11714406_10153469210404860_683031274_n - Copy

My only criticisms concerned the honey glazed bacon chop with turned out to basically be a standard pork chop which was flavourless and the avocado wasn’t quite ripe, lacking the desired velvety texture. That aside, Brace and Browns really impressed us. The waiters serving were friendly, the food was amazing and the whole tapas concept really worked!

For those of you who are looking for something a little different, which has great value for money, I recommend the Brace and Browns brunch menu. They have proven that they can handle the challenge of making breakfast, Sunday lunch and mains with great finesse and style and they are certainly worthy of praise. You won’t regret going there – but make sure you bring elasticated shorts if you’re going for the bottomless option.

Next up to try, their Sunday roast!

Brunch menu available Fri – Sun from 10:30 – 12. Please note: I believe prices have slightly increased in 2016. Not by much though! 

43 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2LS


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