The Foodies Festival, Clifton Downs

Girl in Bristol visits The Foodies Festival in Bristol on Saturday 27th June 2015. 

The Foodies Festival is literally every food blogger’s dream.

For six consecutive years it has come to Bristol for a weekend in June, offering it’s thousands of visitors a mix of chef and drinks theatre, tasting sessions and a wide number of stands to visit which sell anything from cheese to vegetable peelers. There are also a number of bars, including a Pimms stall which looks like a giant red teapot. Ah, so very British!

11655414_10153443674224860_889258992_nThis year, a number of Bristol food bloggers were invited to review/attend the event and so, my plus 1 and I decided to venture up to the Clifton Downs on a sunny Saturday afternoon for a spot of lunch at the festival.

The Clifton Downs were a perfect spot for the festival. All the stalls were laid out according to what they sold and in the middle there were several long tables and the odd haystack for punters to sit and enjoy their foodie purchases on. Towards the entrance, there was a small stage where live music was played by artists such as Edd Mann and Bristol’s own Katie Sky and at the far end of the venue, there were several marquees where you could look in on various chef demonstrations and wine tastings which you could sign up for once you’d bought your ticket.

11657282_10153443674259860_252678052_nWe chose to stick primarily to the food stalls, darting excitedly from one stall to the next, trying samples and accepting every beverage which was given to us on the way. There was an amazing raspberry lemonade being sold by Heartsease Farm and a non-alcoholic drink from Pimento (which tasted a little like ginger beer with a powerful chilli-induced kick) which I highly recommend.

On the food front, there was a feta cheese created by Khayri which kept us coming back for more. Ridiculously creamy with a subtle flavour, that feta cheese had to have been the best I’ve tasted to date it was THAT good. The stand also provided an array of Turkish delight which I bought three of, settling on the lemon, watermelon and orange ones (£1). All were delicious, although the man serving us made it very clear he wasn’t happy about us only ordering three pieces. The sheer cheek of it, really!


Although we’d circled the stalls several times, we were still pretty indecisive about where we were going to get lunch from. Everything looked so good and the roasted/ grilled meats area of the festival had us drooling. Eventually, I chose to grab a hog roast from Castlemoor Meats where I was handed a fully loaded brown bap full of shredded pork, crackling, apple sauce and gravy (£5). It was so packed full of meat in fact, that a good amount of it went straight down my playsuit with the first couple of bites. My plus one who had chosen a delicious pulled pork and sausage bap (£7) from the neighbouring ‘The Great British Sausage’ found it hilarious, I, shaking my legs like an absolute wally as we walked away, did not!


For dessert, I embraced my inner child and chose to buy candy floss on a stick (£1.50) from a cute, pink and floral stall tucked away in a corner. The lady running the stall, handed me back a massive portion which literally was the size of my face and I was as happy as Larry nibbling at it on the way to town.

11647342_10153443674169860_958310299_nMy friend went for a chocolate fudge flapjack (£3) from the aptly named ‘Flapjackery’ after painstakingly browsing through the large amount of choice on offer. The piece she was given was huge and a good half of the flapjack consisted of a rich fudge chocolate icing. We both agreed it was little too sickly, but it had a great flavour and was certainly filling! My friend took a lot of it back home for later.

Admittedly, we didn’t stay for long after we’d been through all the stalls. But the beauty of having a weekend ticket is that we can go again today and register for a tasting session or drinks theatre if we want, though they all looked like they run out of places quick judging from how many people we saw in the marquees yesterday!

Though perhaps a little overpriced at £13 a ticket price, The Foodies Festival is certainly worth visiting if you’re interested in food. I recommend you sign up to some of the demonstrations and tastings they have on offer to make a full day of it and bring the dog too!

Tickets are on offer on Bristol’s Wriggle App today or can be bought at the event, £13 for an Adult, £11 Concessions.

Please Note: Whilst I was offered a free ticket to review this event, all opinions are my own.


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