Cannoli and Gun’s Pulp Fiction Night at Chomp, St. Nicholas Street

Girl in Bristol reviews Cannoli and Gun’s screening of Pulp Fiction at Chomp on 22nd June 2015.

Who doesn’t love the cinema? The surround sound, the sense of anticipation that fills the room when the titles appear on the screen, the popcorn and bountiful supply of sweets. It’s all very, very good. Well, except for the extortionate price we now have to pay for it. Though this doesn’t apply to Westbury’s Scott Cinema. We love you guys.

Thankfully, Cannoli and Gun has come to revive Bristol’s love of good films by airing private screenings of internationally acclaimed films around the city once a month. But, there’s a twist. And the twist comes in the form of food; food which is specifically chosen in accordance with the film being shown at the event.

For Inglorious Bastards, Cannoli and Gun’s first screening, there was apple strudel with cream and a glass of milk in recognition of Colonel Hans Landa’s fondness for them.

At the Stand by Me showing, individual fruit pies given to all the audience members when they arrived at the Stock Exchange Bakery, relating to the ill-fated pie-eating contest in the film.

And at Pulp Fiction, Cannoli and Gun’s latest event which I reviewed this week, Big Kahuna burgers and $5 shakes were provided by the team at Chomp who hosted the event.

11324075_10153434239084860_799162471_nWhen we arrived at 7pm there were around 40 black chairs lined up in rows, all facing a screen which had been set up just in front of the bar. Bottles of ketchup were dotted about the venue in preparation for the burgers which were to follow and menus which had been created especially for that evening were left on the chairs alongside a flyer for the next Cannoli and Gun event. At the bar, we eagerly ordered the $5 shake (£3.15 in UK monies), some members of the audience choosing to upgrade to a hard shake with a shot of bourbon in it for £5.

The $5 shake had been prepared ahead of the event by the Chomp team, using vanilla ice cream, cream, sugar and milk with specks of vanilla noticeable in the mix. The result was a refreshingly cool and creamy shake with a subtle vanilla taste. If it had lasted until the burgers arrived, I can imagine they would have worked very well together. Although I was pretty thirsty when I arrived so sadly, I never got to find out.

Drinks in hand, we took to our numbered seats before the wonderful Tim (responsible for the running of Cannoli and Gun) introduced the evening with a brief presentation which unveiled the August Cannoli and Gun event, Aladdin at the Falafel King in Cotham Hill. YES! The film began shortly after with the burgers, fries and ‘slaw which were included in the ticket price (£13) handed to us on trays about half an hour in.

This photo REALLY doesn’t do it justice. But it was dark soo …

I’ll admit, it was hard to focus on the film at the beginning when burgers were being distributed around us, the smell of them making our mouths water. The upgraded Big Kahuna burgers (ticket price + £3) came first, encasing pineapple, bacon, cheese and chilli sauce in a brioche bun with chips and ‘slaw on the side. Then, the classic Chomp burgers, which I stuck with, were passed down the rows.

Though the chips were a little cold by the time they got to us, the burger and ‘slaw were worth the wait. The classic burger had a delightful smoky taste to it with a touch of pink in the middle and was served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and an array of sauces which greatly contributed to the sheer juiciness of each bite. But what else would you expect from Bristol’s Good Food Award winner of Best Burger? Kudos to you Chomp!

After devouring our burgers within a matter of minutes, our attentions turned back towards the film which was well-received by everyone in the room. Particularly when the Big Kahuna burger and $5 shakes were mentioned.

Tim is clearly passionate about good food and film given the level of research and planning he has put into each of his events, and it pays off. The sell-out Pulp Fiction night had a great atmosphere and everyone there relished in the novelty of the event.

For just over a tenner, Cannoli and Gun allow you to experience great food, company and films in different Bristol venues after hours every month – which in my opinion, is much more worthy of your money than a standard cinema screening. With a middle-eastern feast being promised in August – I urge you to buy a ticket to one of Cannoli and Gun’s upcoming events!

Cannoli and Gun’s Next Event:

Please Note: Whilst I was invited to review this event and my ticket was complimentary, all opinions are my own.


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