Three Brothers Burgers, Welsh Back

Girl in Bristol reviews Three Brothers Burgers on the 12th June 2015.

Sometimes in life, ignorance is bliss.

And when it comes to burger bars, ignorance is most certainly bliss.
Think massive milkshakes topped with crushed Oreos and homemade ice cream. Think brioche buns filled with crispy bacon and molten cheese. It’s enough to make your mouth water yes. But do you want to know how many hours it will take to work it off at the gym? Aha, NO!

IMG_5361Located on Welsh Back, Three Brothers Burgers are one of Bristol’s most popular guilty pleasures; serving a broad selection of craft beers, burgers, shakes and sundaes under one roof. Whether you visit during their lunch deal or at the weekend, you will often find the venue is completely packed with the occasional office worker dropping by for a take-out burger or two. Although, there is a pretty quick turn over at Three Brothers so if you wait around in The Apple next door for a bit, you’ll probably get a seat if it’s too busy when you arrive.

Using 28 day aged Herefordshire beef, served pink as standard, Three Brothers Burgers don’t skimp on quality which it comes to the beef pattys they use. And ranging from £6 – £9.50 in price, Three Brothers Burgers aren’t too expensive either. Especially if you get their classic burger as part of their £5 burger and fries meal deal.

When my colleague and I visited for the first time last week, we decided as it was a workday we were going to well-behaved and have a non-alcoholic milkshake. To start. I chose the Oreo (£4) and Tom chose the Reece’s Peanut Butter milkshake (£4), both were made using homemade ice cream and served in massive pre-frozen glasses to keep the drinks ice cold.

Oh dear readers, the feels I got when those shakes arrived, I cannot begin to convey with words. And no, that is not an overstatement. The size of my forearm (which is long), the shakes were creamy, rich and filled with a generous amount of home-made ice cream which gave them an excellent thickness. The milkshakes could quite easily have been a meal on their own but of course, we weren’t going to skip on the burgers!


For the main event, we were brought a large wooden board filled with dishes which our waiter deemed some of the most popular at Three Brothers Burgers. This included a Smoky Bro burger for my colleague (£8), a Blues Brothers burger for me (£8), BBQ chicken wings (£7), chilli cheese fries (£5.75), Coleslaw (£2) deep fried pickles (£3.50) and a mixed salad £3.50) so there was some green on the plate which wasn’t deep fried … That said, we only had a forkful of the salad.

A favourite saying of mine applicable to this situation: If you’re going to do something wrong, do it right!

IMG_5367The burgers were perfectly pink in the middle, the sweetness of the bun which was sourced from Joe’s Bread on Gloucester Road, corresponding well with the slight saltiness of the burger. The blue cheese and caramelised onions on my burger melted into the patty below giving it a great moistness and whilst it was a messy business devouring it, I was more than happy to discard all table manners. The Smokey Bro also looked delicious with a good amount of bacon and Applewood cheddar layered on top of the beef patty. My only criticism, would be that the flavour of the blue cheese didn’t really come through when I was eating it.

Concerning the sides, the deep fried pickles were a hit on our table and were surprisingly addictive; the chilli cheese fries were also delicious and not too spicy, although with all the chilli heaped on top the fries underneath did get a little soggy. The BBQ wings were probably my least favourite, completely lathered in BBQ sauce, but there were a lot of them and each wing had a good amount of meat on it so you get your money’s worth in my opinion.

Once the remains of our feast were taken away, our friendly waiter asked us if we’d like to try one of their ice cream sundaes which we reluctantly declined, leaning into the table as our food comas came crashing in to land.

“How about another milkshake then, to take home?” The waiter asked.

“Well, if it’s to take home … Why not?” We replied. Although we all knew those milkshakes were never going to last the journey. Which they didn’t. See image below which was taken a few meters away.

I was very happy with this.

Out came a strawberry milkshake for my colleague and a chocolate and cherry shake for me, served in cute pink-striped cups. And with them in hand, we departed.

Three Brothers Burgers are everything you could want from a burger bar, with a great energy and friendly staff. The funk music playing was perfectly matched to the nautical-style of the venue and the food was delicious and messy – just as it should be. The Brothers Burgers lunch deal is an absolute winner and their milkshakes are perfect for a sunny day. Recommended lunch break destination!

Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB

(Please note whilst the food was complimentary, all opinions given in this review are my own. Photos belong to me, please don’t use without permission.)


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