Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft

Girl in Bristol goes vegan for the day, trying out the menu at Kino on Stoke’s Croft …

The vegan diet is becoming fiercely popular in Bristol. Fashionable even.

I remember last year when I ventured into Kino for the first time in search for a coffee and was met with question, “which milk would you like?” For a moment I stood flabbergasted. What milk? Did she mean semi-skimmed or skimmed? No, she meant oat, almond, soya or dairy milk. It was a whole new experience for me. So overwhelmed by the amount of choice and not wanting to look like a coffee amateur, I went for the most obscure option and ordered an oat milk cappuccino.

Note: Sometimes it is better to stick to what you know. 

Nonetheless my old colleagues continued to go on and on about how great Kino was, discussing its completely vegan menu and relaxed atmosphere. I’d been meaning to go back for some time to give their food a go but after moving to Redland and getting a job in Bedminster, I didn’t often walk that way anymore. However yesterday, the perfect opportunity arrived when Shonette, Tim and I were looking for a vegan-friendly brunch venue which would support Tim’s #veganjune challenge.

Cafe Kino is a not-for-profit venue which opens from 10am – 10:30pm every day, playing host to live music, live drawing and spoken word events in the evening. It is also a hotspot for students and artisans who are hoping to get a bit of work done, perched on the stools beside the large windows at the front which overlook the lively Stokes Croft.

The cafe is pretty simple in appearance with its white-wash brick walls housing a number of 70s style tables and chairs which stand on a patterned, tile floor. There is also limited seating outside for when the sun shines.

Having not eaten all day, a rare occurrence for me, I ordered the famous Kino veggie burger with rosemary-tossed potato wedges (£6.80) and an almond milk cappuccino (£2.30) from the menu. I thought I’d keep I’d keep the coffee vegan too so I could get the full Kino experience. Tim chose the small breakfast which included herby garlic mushrooms, a hash brown, a vegan sausage, a toasted tomato and baked beans with extra “facon” (£5.50) accompanied by an almond milk flat white (£2.10). Shonette went for an Affogato coffee and a HUGE piece of chocolate flapjack (£2.00).

I won’t lie to you, I sorely missed having my beloved mayonnaise with my wedges but my burger made with badger beans, carrots, beetroot, oats, herbs and spices served in a granary bap with vegan Mayo, relish, leaves and tomato was mighty tasty. It was crumbly as I expected but it was packed full of flavour from the herbs and spices, leaving me feeling full without feeling ill; something which often happens after I devour a standard beef burger! Sadly, the wedges were somewhat disappointing. Though seasoned well, some of the wedges weren’t cooked properly, the ends cold and hard to the point where I had to spit them back out. In a graceful way of course …

Tim on the other hand, completely demolished his vegan cooked breakfast and Shonette greatly enjoyed her treats, though the rich chocolate flapjack (which honestly was the size of her face) we helped her finish.

Cafe Kino does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a neighbourhood cafe which strives to be a safe place for everyone regardless of their background or circumstances, serving a variety of dishes which are all very reasonably priced. The wedges may have been a let-down but Kino’s classic burger has set the bar high for veggie burger alternatives. I would visit here again.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol 

(All opinions are my own and all photography belongs to me so please do not reuse without permission. Thanks!)


2 thoughts on “Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft

  1. We love Cafe Kino. Shame about the potato wedges – try the curly fries next time, plus you can have a pot of their homemade vegan mayo to dip them in and it is the best thing ever (in our opinion). A lovely friendly place.

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