Brew Coffee Company, Whiteladies Road

Girl in Bristol stops by Brew Coffee Company on Whiteladies Road for some lavish bacon sarnies … 

Every Sunday, my friend Tim and I tirelessly puzzle over what we should do that day. We consider the zoo, the pub, a stroll around the downs – but really we always come to the same conclusion; Brunch. So last week, we decided to keep it local (well for me anyway, sorry Tim) and scoot on over to Brew Coffee Company on Whiteladies Road. As it had been recommended by many foodies, we deemed it a good place to satisfy our avocado and egg based cravings.

IMG_5236Brew is pretty simplistic in it’s décor. It’s neutral colour schemes and up-cycled furniture keep the small space looking open and fresh whilst the painted yellow seats give the place a pop of colour. There’s also seating available on the decking outside which is always popular on a sunny day. Although it’s probably worth mentioning that if you want to go to Brew for brunch, it WILL be busy. So if you’re not good with a bustling atmosphere, you may want to go on a weekday when it’s quieter.

Whilst there is a menu on each table, the majority of what’s on offer can be seen on the blackboards behind the bar and on the counter. An array of vibrant salads and cakes artfully presented alongside several glass bottles full of Brew’s homemade iced teas and juices. Tim ordered his usual flat white (£2.50), whilst I chose the homemade red berry, hibiscus, passion fruit and lime iced tea (£2.20) which was poured out from one of the bottles on the bar. The coffee matched the texture and taste of what you’d expect from a coffee house although I wasn’t overly impressed with the iced tea which lacked flavour. Still, it was nice to see something a little different on the drinks menu.


Foodwise, we ordered the Brewfast (Brew’s take on a cooked breakfast, £7) and the Bacon sarnie with poached eggs and chilli jam (£5.50). Our friendly waitress, who manoeuvred with great finesse between the busy tables from the kitchen downstairs, brought our food around 10 minutes after we ordered. Both plates were well presented and the poached eggs, I’m happy to report were delightfully gooey inside. Those who know me will know this is of pivotal importance in my books! Sad, I know.

The Brewfast, a guilt-free alternative to a fry-up, layered poached eggs, avocado, back bacon and tomato relish on a slice of buttered toast. The warm bacon sarnie, sliced in half, encased two rashes of bacon and poached eggs with a small jar of chilli jam on the side. The portions were reasonable and the food was perfectly cooked, every element distinguishable on the palate whilst complimenting the others nicely. And that chilli jam, oh I could have eaten it on it’s own with a spoon. Wonderful stuff.


Brew has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past year as the word has spread about their great food, expertly-made coffee and welcoming staff. Their toilet also smells of marzipan which is amazing. Sadly, they won’t tell me how they’ve managed it (there’s no air freshener, I checked). So whether you’re looking for a spot of brekkie in Clifton or a place to hole up in for a few hours for a coffee catch up – Brew have got you covered.

45 Whiteladies Road, Avon, Bristol, BS8 2LS

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3 thoughts on “Brew Coffee Company, Whiteladies Road

  1. HI Grace,

    I managed to get to Brew last year and really enjoyed it. Such a lovely spot. I tried to pop back in January this year, but it was closed for refurbishment. You’ve just reminded me that I need to add it to the list for when I’m back in August :-).


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