Katie & Kim’s Kitchen, Picton Street

Girl in Bristol drops by Katie and Kim’s Kitchen for some breakfast in Montpelier … 

This arty duo are pretty well known in Bristol, their pop-up horsebox stall and brief stints at the Hillgrove and Beetroot cafe earning them a loyal following which has been growing each year. Not to mention the shiny British Street Food Award they received back in 2013. But in the summer of 2014, Katie and Kim put down roots on the vibrant Picton Street in Montpelier and they have been trading there ever since.

Katie and Kim’s Kitchen is pretty easy to find given its salmon-pink exterior which sets it apart from it’s colourful surroundings. There’s often a bunch of bikes parked out in front and a twee little a-frame aswell if you still get stuck. Inside looks a lot like someone’s dining room. A huge communal table takes up the majority of the space reaching back towards the tiny open kitchen with a small amount of stool seating available to the side. Though no one really uses them unless it’s packed.

The menu, remains a mystery until you walk inside which I kind of like, encouraging passers by to stow their phones away and just walk-in to find out more. When we went, there were five brunch-themed options listed on a blackboard which ranged from a £2.50 cheddar and rosemary scone (poached egg and bacon toppings cost an extra £2 each) to pan fried plaice, served with spiced coconut, tarragon aioli and greens on sourdough bread for a reasonable £8. There were also custard tarts for £2 and some homemade macaroons drizzled generously with dark chocolate sitting temptingly on the bar.

We perched ourselves on the edge of the communal table where we helped ourselves to one of the newspapers on the table and marvelled at the cosy, homely feel of the place. It literally felt like you were popping around to a friend’s for (a VERY late) breakfast. Pretty much every customer who walked in seemed to know Katie and Kim, chatting and laughing with them across the bar and though everyone was engaged in their own separate conversations around the table, a sense of community was quickly apparent.

For drinks, I went for my standard cappuccino (£2.20) and my man-flu plagued friend went for a hot ginger tonic (£2.50) with the hope that it would settle his throat which were both quickly delivered to us by a smiley Kim. Now, I’ve seen Katie and Kim’s drinks come up before but that hot ginger tonic was something else! Served like a tea it was pretty simple but so warming with a marvellous flavour. It felt like someone was hugging your insides! Corny as that sounds.

For the grub, we naturally orientated towards the avocado and egg combinations once we realised Katie and Kim’s trademark scones were sold out. I went for the avocado, poached eggs, date, aioli and greens on sourdough (£7). My friend chose the same, but with the extra bacon (£8.50).  Both arrived pretty quickly as we were sipping on our drinks and we were happy to see the portion sizes were more than big enough to satisfy our ravenous selves. The poached eggs were also perfectly runny in the middle when we cut into them, the warm orange yoke spilling out onto the bread and avocado below which made us very happy.

Katie and Kim may not think of themselves as chefs (apparently) but in my opinion their food is of the same high standard as neighbouring brunch-selling cafes. All the ingredients used  are fresh and seasonal, each dish prepared and cooked right in front of you. Even the remnants of my meal I swept up with my  tip of my finger as I circled it around the edge of the plate. Not exactly good table manners but when food’s that tasty, I feel you can throw table etiquette to the wind somewhat.

Montpelier is fast becoming the best place to brunch in Bristol. With The Bristolian, Cafe Kino,  @thewell and now Katie and Kim’s Kitchen all being a few doors down from each other I urge you to go there if you haven’t already. Just make sure you leave a couple of spaces free for when I arrive for a shameful 3pm breakfast after the gym.


6 thoughts on “Katie & Kim’s Kitchen, Picton Street

  1. I finally made it here in January, which is a bit sad as my friend who I usually stay with only lives around the corner! It’s a lovely spot, really friendly and communal.


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