Playground Coffee House, St. Nicholas Street

Girl in Bristol finds a fabulous grilled-cheese serving cafe using the Wriggle app …

You can be 5 or 50 but a swing will always have the ability to bring a smile to your face as you kick off the ground. Put an expertly made coffee and board games and grilled cheese sandwiches into the mixture. NOW, you’re onto something very interesting!


Of course, you can’t swing quite so enthusiastically at Playground Coffee as you would in the park. Well, you could, but that would be a health and safety hazard. But the idea of rocking back and forth in a rhythmic, comforting motion whilst sipping on a coffee and engrossing myself in a book was too much to resist. Especially when Wriggle were offering a grilled cheese, soup and coffee deal for a fiver.

Playground Coffee first emerged on St. Nicholas Street (next to Bagel Boy) in April last year, the cosy grown-ups play-café taking every customer back to their childhood’s with it’s bright-green topped tables, painted seats and vast collection of board games.  Although, Playground coffee have ensured the coffee is far from child-like. Their full-bodied, perfectly smooth coffee made from Clifton Coffee beans, taking you to a whole new heavenly caffeinated realm.

11263825_10153319845759860_735172336_nI chose to enjoy my coffee and Playground lunch at the far end of the lower floor, positioning myself (uncertainly at first) on the swing set next to a table by the window. The food I’d ordered was with me quickly and the sourdough grilled cheese sandwich in particular was without doubt the best toastie-like food I’ve had to date. I get why Americans rave about it so much now. The soup was also generously portioned and I thoroughly enjoyed breaking through the delicate floral garnish with a massive dunk of my grilled cheese sarnie. Mmmm Mmm.

Of course, Playground Coffee’s menu goes beyond grilled cheese sandwiches. Although quite honestly they could just serve a selection of them they’re so good. There is also a seasonal house salad, Cinnamon toast with vanilla butter, cakes and baguettes to try. Although just by scrolling through their Twitter feed you will see Playground Coffee’s menu changes frequently as they take into account customer requests and try out new things. I’m currently waiting on a spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sarnie …

With a great, informal atmosphere and friendly staff, Playground Coffee reminds us once again why independents are so fantastic. I can’t wait to see what new surprises they have in store for us. Mac ‘n’ Cheese anyone?


8 thoughts on “Playground Coffee House, St. Nicholas Street

  1. Great review! However, their upstairs seating has one of the worst coffee shop atmospheres I’ve experienced – so different to downstairs

      1. I went because it was really busy! It was the fluorescent strip lighting and empty, creepy playground feel that didn’t sit well with me! It just felt a bit neglected which is a shame as downstairs is pretty cute

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