Foozie’s Bingo Wings Night, The Old Bookshop


FOUR merry Bristol foodies

THREE bingo sheets populated with Bristol lingo

TWO (incredibly strong) mysterious cocktails

ONE host adorned in a silver, sequined jacket

And voila, you have Foozie’s BINGO WINGS night.


Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get invited to Bingo Wings along with a couple of other Bristol foodies. So after a tipple at the Steam Crane first, we meandered over to the Old Bookshop for a 7:30 start.

Tucked away in a small room next to the Old Bookshop’s bar, everyone was stood around several round tables facing the raised stage for the sold-out event. The amazing host of the evening, got everyone ready for the impending game with some proper Bristol banter. I loved how he interacted with the audience throughout the evening too, no matter how alcohol-fuelled their comments were. Especially towards the end of the evening, when the latter could probably have been applied to most comments!

Every bingo sheet was full of Bristol sayings from ‘Gert Lush’ to ‘Cheers Drive’ which the audience would then utter in their strongest Bristol accent after they were called out by the host. The first to cross off all the sayings was awarded a £10 bar tab and a Bristol mug. That is, if they didn’t have to duel with anyone else for the winning spot. If two people cried ‘Bingo Wings’ at the same time, they had to partake in a thumb war first. Much to everyone else’s delight!

11245281_10153303497629860_1991222559_nOf course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without the plates of hot sauce and BBQ sauce smothered chicken wings which made their way to each table at the end of every round. Admittedly there weren’t quite enough wings to fill us up for dinner, so I recommend you grab some food beforehand. However we did all have a good two or three wings each time which left us feeling comfortably satisfied, licking the sauce off our fingers before the next round of bingo commenced. The cocktails, provided by the Old Bookshop, were also some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The fact that they emerged from a backroom and were not listed on any drinks menu made them all the more special. I loved my fruity, rose flavored one.

As this was an entirely new event, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect when rocking up to the Old Bookshop last Saturday. But by the end of the night, we were all in fits of laugher; our bingo sheets had dissolved in the remnants of our spilt cocktails on the table, the air carried a sweet BBQ scent and our Bristol accents had definitely become more pronounced.

The evidences of a night well spent, I think.

(Whilst I was provided a free ticket to review this event, all opinions are my own.)


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