Maximillions Deli, Broad Street

Sandwiches, we all love them.

Whether they’re gluten free, wheat free, meat free or just, well, standard – a sandwich is the lunch option that will never let you down.

Of course, there are many places to buy a sandwich in Bristol whether it’s from your local supermarket or the well-known “Sandwich Sandwich” up on park street. But there is another contender. One that you will not find on social media. For on Broad Street there resides an unsung, sandwich-making, budget-eating hero of a sandwich bar. Maximillions Deli.


For £3.70 a roll (and by roll I mean a sandwich hybrid which is big enough to hold a whole chicken inside), Maximillion’s sarnies are a bargain. Their sandwich deal allowing you to choose five fillings alongside one meat option. Although the meat options do go fast. When we arrived at 2pm they’d already decreased from five meat options to two. No surprise that the pulled pork was one of the first to get snapped up. Dang it!

As for the fillings, you will find the usual olives, salad, cheeses etc at Maximillions. However, you will also find onion bargees, pasta and hard-boiled eggs which constitute as “fillings” too. A somewhat diverse mix of fillings but hey, you certainly can’t complain about a lack of choice. Alas it is worth mentioning that quiches, pork pies and pizza are no longer listed as fillings as they have been in the past, though they are still purchasable for an additional cost.

11180239_10153282322724860_1131093938_nIn the end, I went for a wholemeal roll filled with roast pork and stuffing, green olives, spinach, red onion, salami and onion bargees after agonising over which fillings to choose. The lady who served me was also incredibly generous with the amount of each filling she shovelled into my roll, there had to be at least five onion bargees in there which could have been a meal on their own. My companion chose the roasted chicken with five different fillings (can’t remember which).

Sadly, whilst I had never before been beaten by a sandwich, Maximillions finished me off. The bag that I carried my roll in, weighed like a brick on my arm on our way to Castle Street. My companion, a super-sporty protein machine, was even struggling towards the end. The three-quarters of my roll that I did have though, was incredibly tasty. The combinations of fillings in my sandwich, though not usually eaten together, oddly working very well as a whole.

So Bristol, if you’re still awaiting pay day and you’re short on the pennies, drop by Maximillions Deli on Broad Street sometime this week. Although learn from our mistake and save the second half of your sarnie for later on in the day, we sorely wished we had as we rolled towards cabot after our feast.


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