The Apple, Welsh Back

Girl in Bristol stops by The Apple for a memorable dining experience in the sunshine … 

Picture this.

You’re sat on a bench beneath the dappled sunlight sipping on a pint of cool, refreshing cider. To one side of you, boats pass on the floating harbour nearby, carrying groups of friends on leisurely cruises by day and lively boat parties by night. The latter, waving so enthusiastically across the water at you that you can’t help but stifle a laugh and wave back. On your other side, you see people dancing merrily outside the Old Duke on the cobbles to the sounds of live Jazz. The occasional singer-songwriter, sat atop one of the tables playing softly on his guitar in unison.

Does life really get much better than that?

Turns out, it does.

Image from G8Crash

Voted the Best Cider Pub of 2014, The Apple are known throughout Bristol for their incredible choice of ciders. Ranging from the Old Bristolian (a personal favourite of mine) to Happy Daze which all come in at around £4 a pint. However, nowadays the Apple are growing in popularity for a completely different reason as word spreads about their infamous ploughman’s menu.

With six different options to choose from, the Apple provide a variety of different ploughman’s inspired dishes. For £8.50 you can get a Cheeseroller’s which, as the name suggests, is a ploughman’s board based more upon the cheese element. This option includes a West country mature cheddar and 1st grade English blue stilton with pickle, chutney and a mix of bread and cheese biscuits.

Although, if there’s two of you, you can go for the Farmhand’s Picnic Basket for £19.95 which includes a wider variety of locally sourced foods including a pork pie, duck pate, ham, cheeses, chutneys, biscuits, crisps and a mysterious pudding. Alas, I don’t know what it is! You’ll have to try it and let me know.


In the end, my friend and I both settled on the Frenchman’s platter (£8.95) which came served on a large wooden board with a generous slab of French brie and duck pate served with onion marmalade, fig relish, pickled onion, bread, biscuits and a small mound of dressed leaves in the middle. The fig relish was out of this world. Although, I’ve always been partial to fig rolls so I suppose it’s a given that the relish would stand out to me. The pate was also tasty and all the elements of the platter worked well together. The portion size was massive and we were heartily full by the end to the point where we scarcely had any appetite when dinnertime came around. Job well done Apple!


I’m also pleased to report that you can certainly tell the ingredients are fresh and well-sourced from the taste and quality of them. The olives, leaves, meats and bread originating from Gloucester Road, Montpellier (the Bristol one!) and Clifton.

So Bristol, if you’re looking for a suntrap in town which serves good hearty food look no further than your local watering hole. They may be known as a bar but the Apple have proven themselves to serve food which matches that of any neighbouring restaurant in terms of the quality, taste and composition of their ploughman’s menu.

The Apple, Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB

Their website is really cool, check it out on: (Love the moving swans, apple!)


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