Zero Degrees, Colston Street, Bristol

Girl in Bristol drops by her local, Zero Degrees, for some delicious mango beer …

Ah, Wednesday.

That fated day of the week when you’ve been working enough days to start feeling the strain, but not quite enough days to bring you any closer to the weekend. It’s all pretty depressing, regardless of your occupation or age.

Thankfully, Bristol has a bountiful supply of breweries to quench your mid-week thirst. So drawn in by the bright lights of Zero Degrees, we ventured in for some mango beer on a chilly Wednesday evening.

After its £350K renovation back in September, Zero Degress has had quite the transformation. The dining area is now situated upstairs and the bar downstairs, placing the drinkers closer to Zero Degrees’ open-plan brewery which holds several large (and pleasingly shiny) vats of beer. There is also a great use of coloured lighting around the bar downstairs which contributes to the venue’s lively atmosphere, enhanced with high-volume contemporary music which even features the odd Britney Spears tune. Love it.

The outside seating at Zero Degrees is definitely one its main highlights. Large decked areas filled with tables and chairs, walled gardens and a signature piece of street art across the back wall (near the Christmas steps) hold great promise for the summer nights ahead although it’s still rather nice to huddle up in your coat with a rollie, overlooking the busy Colston Street below.

As for the drinks on offer, Zero Degrees provide a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Brewing their own Pale Ale, Pilsner, Mango Beer, Wheat Ale and Black Lager for around £4 a pint.

Despite the choice available, we’d already decided on Zero Degrees’ infamous mango beer prior to arriving and it was was everything we imagined it would be.

Whilst we’d sampled Floris’ Mango Beer before which is served in many bars in Bristol, it was great to have the opportunity to sample something which had been brewed much more locally. In fact, it had been brewed in the very vats before us (I think!). The mango flavour was subtle but noticeable above the low-hop bitterness of the ale and was thankfully not too strong for a mid-week beverage. In the end, we went up and ordered another couple of rounds because we enjoyed it so much. Although it was slightly disappointing that we have to mill about a vacant bar for five minutes before someone noticed us.
I’ll be honest with you, when I returned to Zero Degrees for food – I wasn’t very impressed. However when ZD is full of people with a buzzing atmosphere, it’s a great place to go for a couple of pints on the weekend. They also serve their pizza, pasta and tapas dishes as part of a very reasonably priced ‘beat the clock’ meal deal which will give you a main meals priced according to the hour you ordered (£5 at 5pm etc).

The Zero Degrees bar would certainly make for a great early evening beer stop if you’re intending to venture into town afterwards. Its modern décor and loud music likening it to a grown up’s student union equivalent.

53 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BA


2 thoughts on “Zero Degrees, Colston Street, Bristol

  1. I always recommend the mango beer to anyone visiting- they usually think I’m crazy, but it works so well. The food, for the price, is really rather good too.

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