Let Me Tell You a Story Jack, The Crofters Rights

Girl in Bristol attends her first ‘Let me tell you a story Jack’ storytelling event at The Crofter’s Rights … 

The night started well.

With a pint of ginger and chilli cider, to be exact.

Will and Shonette’s ‘Let me tell you a story Jack’ was looming and all were in high spirits prior to its commencement. The event took place in the back room of the Crofters Rights on Stokes Croft.

The atmosphere was relaxed and cosy, everyone crammed in together on the seats towards the front and the benches at the back before Shonette stood to introduce the night. The theme of the evening was ‘Lies, Scandal and Deceit,’ a promising basis for any tale.


To kick off the evening we were treated to one of Will’s notorious songs before Shonette dove in with the first story of the evening, telling of her experiences with MSN messenger with such honesty that the audience all recoiled in shame. Most likely because at least 90% of us could relate to what she was saying. Signing off and on again to get noticed by friends who were online? Yep, we’ve been there.

The evening then continued with a further six stories (which I may well have listed in the wrong order, apologies authors). ‘I Butler’ detailed the life of a man who lingered in the shadow of his murderous employer, the tale told with a chilling sense of uniformity. Up next was the tale of Tom’s lying great aunt the nun, followed by Christie’s story about the grey shoes of sadness.

After the break Nathan, in a hilariously accurate gangsta voice, spoke of the ‘great leader’ before Mark filled us in on his trials concerning his girlfriend’s son Charlie, who could only communicate by means of the Kazoo. Finally, the medal-winning story detailed the events surrounding the aliens who hijacked Facebook.

Amidst the stories, there were also brief intervals where Will (with his incredible lie-detection, brain coordinated, light bulb hat) would lead the audience in a series of True or False questions which covered everything from ‘Cider is better than beer’ to ‘I went to Niagara Falls and didn’t see any waterfalls.’ Though to be honest, the former is hardly a question. We all know cider is better than beer.

In all, my friend and I had a fabulous time on our first (and much overdue) trip to let me tell you a story Jack, it was also great to see a number of familiar faces there too. If you’re looking for a mid-week storytelling event which doesn’t take itself too seriously – Let me tell you a story Jack is well worth a look in. Though bear in mind it’s only on every two months so book the night off in advance!

Hats off to you Shonette and Will, you have created something truly fabulous here.

Find out more on: http://letmetellyouastoryjack.wordpress.com


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