The Mothers’ Ruin Quiz Night, St Nicholas Street

Girl in Bristol visits a well-known pub in central Bristol for quiz night …


Also known as: mothers ruin.

Initially sold as a cheap medical drink to temporarily relieve aches and pains in the 1730s. Also resulted in the negligence of children once housewives became addicted to the substance.


The Mothers’ Ruin Bar may not come from the most cheerful origins, but at least we can all agree its name is topical. Right? Even the red and black colour scheme it uses bears witness to the tragic story behind its title. The black paneling around the windows and the red walls outside, drawing the eye to its presence on St. Nicholas Street. Not that they need to draw the attention of passers-by. The Mothers’ Ruin have already succeeded in acquiring a substantial number of regulars. Some, bumble through the double doors on the weekend to partake in a rock and roll or live music night. Others, turn up every Tuesday for a more relaxed evening at the Mothers’ Ruin quiz night. An event which the Bristol Bar Blog boys and I attended last week.

Once the clock strikes 9pm, the Mothers’ Ruin fills up pretty quickly as eager quizzers enter the building. Everyone pays £1 into the cup, submits their team name (no pun left behind) and receives an answer sheet. In true pub quiz fashion, we decided upon “Shrove Boozeday” for our team name which I will quickly point out was entirely the Bristol Bar Blog boys’ idea, not mine!


Following this you’re then greeted with an initial “picture round” which, last Tuesday, featured the faces of many ‘famous’ robots. Including some form of busty C3PO? Once completed, the first of the four rounds which cover general knowledge, movie trivia and music knowledge commences.

Halfway through the quiz, there is a twenty minute break when a massive vat (no exaggeration) of free curry is placed on the bar which you can help yourself to. Yes you heard me right, FREE curry. It’s nothing particularly fancy; beans, potatoes, lentils etc. But it does taste damn good, especially on a bitter winter evening. And bonus, it keeps the veggies happy.

After gorging yourself on a massive bowl of curry, you move onto the movie trivia and music introductions round which is usually when your luck starts to run out. It did in our case. Movies from years gone by are discussed and old-school tunes are played before final points are totted up and the winners receive their £35 prize.

The Mothers’ Ruin Quiz makes for a great mid-week night out and though we only bagged ourselves third place, and a joint third place at that, we were all keen to come back and get stuck into one of the many, many events that the Mothers’ Ruin put on throughout the week.

Situated bang in the middle of town, it’s the perfect watering hole for you and your friends to meander to after work.


One thought on “The Mothers’ Ruin Quiz Night, St Nicholas Street

  1. Used to do this every week when I lived in a flat in the centre! Well worth a go and love the place

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