Cox and Baloney, Cheltenham Road

Girl in Bristol takes the birthday girl to Cox and Baloney for a spot of afternoon tea.

Situated on Cheltenham Road, Cox and Baloney are found right in the centre of the Stokes Croft/ Gloucester Road hub. Their new bright pink exterior, making it near impossible NOT to notice them. On one side, they have a vintage clothes, furniture and accessories boutique and on the other, they have a tea room. So, for a friend’s belated birthday gift, we decided to treat ourselves to a Cox and Baloney’s ‘Cream Tea Tower.’


From the outset, Cox and Baloney looks pretty small. It’s narrow front room holding only a few armchairs and bookcases alongside a bar laden with glass jars of various loose teas. However as you move further in, you’ll notice there is in fact a back room which contains a second bar, this time displaying Cox and Baloney’s homemade cakes. There’s even a couple of outdoor tables and chairs for those who want to soak up some sunshine (if there’s any to be found).

10601257_10152633064789860_974190844_n (1)

The tea itself, is delicious. All specifically made for Cox and Baloney, there are fifteen different lose teas to choose from which range from the common English Breakfast to the more peculiar Lemon Balm tea which is said to improve your mood and memory … We settled on the Bounty and Chai tea to accompany our cream tea tower after sniffing a few others first.

(Yes, you can do that there. In fact, it’s encouraged!)

Both teas were served in beautiful vintage teapots with tea cups and saucers and teas themselves were flavoursome and not too sweet which pleased our palettes greatly. The hints of spices in the Chai and coconut in the Bounty coming through nicely with each sip. It was also great that the waitress offered to top up our tea pots with more water so we could squeeze out our money’s worth of tea. Although, we were running back and forth from the bathroom shortly after we’d started to consume our fourth cup!

As for the scones, which were served with clotted cream and jam in cute glass vials, they were filling and delicious. The four of them all pre-cut and served with a slice of strawberry inside. Admittedly, we did think £12 for two pots of lose tea and four scones with cream and jam was a bit much. But then the boutique style décor and the careful presentation of everything, did at least in part account for the high-end price; making our standard coffee house date into more of a special treat.


There is also a lunch and breakfast menu to try which sadly we didn’t get around to. The breakfast menu offering the usual granola, porridge, toast and teacakes from £2.50 (not bad!). The lunch menu, consisting primarily of sandwiches and toasties. Although you can fork out on a platter or cream tea option if you’re feeling particularly hungry for a greater price (£7- £14.50).

We were certainly glad we chose Cox and Baloney for our special birthday coffee date. The staff were friendly, the venue was beautifully set out and the food and tea were faultless. The only draw-back was the prices of the platters.



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