The Bristolian, Picton Street

Girl in Bristol visits The Bristolian in Montpellier for a spot of breakfast, veggie style!

It’s always a good day when you’re heading out for brunch.

You can leisurely lie in until midday, slip into the clothing which is closest to your bed (whatever that ends up being) and shuffle down the road to have breakfast made and delivered to you in your semi-conscious state. No judgements made. Usually.

Thankfully in Gloucester Road and Stokes Croft, there are a ridiculous amount of brunch-y places to choose from. Although the best ones are most often the places that are a little off the beaten track. The Bristolian, situated on the corner of Picton Lane in Montpelier, to give an example.

The Bristolian is one of the best sun-traps in Bristol. With the small bistro opening up onto a little courtyard, it’s a great one for some al-fresco dining as you watch Montpellians pass by. But as lovely as the little courtyard is and as great as it was to bathe in the sunshine, we did not come to the Bristolian for either of those. Nope, we came for the infamous Bristolian cooked breakfast.


Time and time again the Bristolian has come up in conversation. Initially it was rundown and greasy spoon but following a massive refurb, the Bristolian is the pinnacle of Bristol breakfast haunts. And you don’t just get a standard cooked breakfast there. You can have waffles, eggs, breakfast-in-a-ciabatta and muesli if you so desire. But it is the cooked breakfast known as ‘The Bristolian’ that is most well-known where you can have as a meat, vegetarian or vegan option. And all cost a mere £7.50 which is cheaper than most independents. All options served with fried potatoes, tomatoes, beans and sesame infused spinach. Not your usual cooked brekkie but that’s what puts the Bristolian a cut above the rest.

10449670_10152482661284860_1539228961_nThe staff of the Bristolian are friendly, enthusiastic and contagiously smiley. They were more than happy to chat to us about the food, the coffee and the general sunshine and it was clear they were responsible for the lively and inclusive nature of the place. Not to mention the Bristolian’s small size which greatly contributed to the homey nature of it all.

After ordering a veggie bristolian and a latte (and my friend the eggs benedict and a chai latte), both of us nabbed the last table outside in the sunshine before our food and drinks arrived ten minutes later. And man, did our food look good. With buttery potatoes, mushrooms, toast, spinach, a veggie sausage and some gooey-yoke eggs (just how I like them), my breakfast was a beautiful sight and was without doubt, one of the best veggie breakfasts I’ve had to date. The portion was substantial enough to fill you up without leaving you feeling ill and it was great to (finally) see a veggie breakfast which wasn’t primarily baked beans! Everything was cooked to a T and all elements worked well as a dish, without any of it dripping with grease and oil. As for my friend’s eggs, she remarked that she could only define them as ‘faultless,’ the poached eggs beautifully cooked and served on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce drizzled generously over the top.

Admittedly, without the meat (which is usually the most expensive element of a cooked breakfast), I would have expected the veggie option to be priced slightly less or the meat option slightly higher. But in comparison to other places in Bris, £7.50 for a cooked breakfast isn’t half bad! There were also a selection of tapas and lunch foods for those following the more conventional eating order of the day.

The Bristolian is indeed a wonderful place. It’s intimate interior and location on the busy Picton street giving it a real community feel. Whether you’re looking for coffee and cake (go for the peanut butter brownies!), breakfast or lunch, it’s certainly worth a visit now the sun’s out.

2 Picton Street, Montpelier, Bristol. BS6 5QA


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