Scott Cinema, Westbury

Girl in Bristol discovers great budget cinema in Westbury on the 28th May 2014.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big movie buff.

Drama, action, sci-fi, fantasy – those are my kind of movies. Of course, it’s great that we now have Netflix and the like to cater to our movie needs but they never quite match up to the cinema experience. The surround sound, the big leather chairs, the copious amounts of popcorn. Admittedly, most of this usually ends up on the floor …

Downside is, last time I checked the cinema were charging a ridiculous amount to see a film (with the exception of Orange Wednesdays). £8 a ticket? Mate, add a couple of quid to that fee and I could BUY the film when it hit the shelves and watch it as many times as I like. Give it a couple more months and I could buy the film and fork out on a take-out to have whilst watching it. Anyway, rant aside, you get my drift.


A couple of days ago, I was invited by a group of friends to come and watch the latest X-Men (Days of Future Past) movie at a little cinema in Westbury which I’d not heard of before. My friend had come upon it quite by chance a little while ago and had never looked back since, claiming it to be one of the cheapest cinemas in Bristol. Naturally, being a girl who always thinks about the pennies, I was pretty eager to check this place out.
So on a dreary Tuesday evening we drove over to Westbury, parked up in Waitrose car park and a little walk later reached Scott Cinema, a teeny tiny cinema of only three screens. Tucked away and barely distinguishable from the rest of the high-street, you wouldn’t notice it were it not for the couple of movie posters pinned up above the door.

10409964_10152453845554860_1759466495_nWith a weekday ticket costing only £4.95 for an adult and £3.30 for a student (BOOM – I still have that right until September), it’s safe to say we’re pretty fortunate to have one of the eight Scott Cinemas here in Bristol. Granted, due to the size of the place, they only have a selected number of films showing with fewer time options available. But with regular 8pm showings of the biggest blockbusters on most weekdays, we found there was more than enough time for us to rustle up some dinner after work before making our way over to Westbury from Gloucester Road. Picking up a bottle of wine on the way, naturally. The cinema itself was also pretty good for the price. Being a somewhat lanky female, I’ve always had an issue with leg room. But thankfully, the seating was comfortable with a suitable amount of leg room for both us girls and boys. Pretty much the same standard as the VUE ‘premium’ seating that you’d pay thrice the amount for. The film itself was also surprisingly good! I personally found the ‘first class’ trilogy of X-men to be a huge let down previously so was expecting to be muttering my disapproval on the way home. But let’s move away from that topic.

The Scott Cinema in Westbury is indeed a wee gem, hidden away except from those who already know where it is. So I thought I’d let you readers in on the secret. Cinema need not cost ridonkulous amounts anymore. Hurrah! There’s also a pic ‘n’ mix stand there too. 😀


3 thoughts on “Scott Cinema, Westbury

  1. I love this little cinema. It’s faced closure a few times but been saved each time thankfully. A wonderful little place and usually nicely free of those pesky teens who talk all the way through the movies aswell!

    1. It was a fab little place. I agree, although we did have a couple of older folk strolling about the isle at one point. Tragically, during the scene when tensions were highest. But ah well, you’ve got to love community cinema!

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