The Gallimaufry, Bristol

Girl in Bristol reviews The Gallimaufry on the 22nd May 2014, a pub with great food which frequently has live music events in the evening.

Good food, live music and a well-stocked bar. These are the three things that, in my mind, make a place worth visiting on a Wednesday evening. Or any evening for that matter. Throw in some mismatched furniture, some outdoor bench seating and a selection of origami ceiling fixtures and you have yourself, The Gallimaufry. Otherwise known to the locals as the Galli.

This place is a certainly a popular one. Living nearby, I walk past the Galli every day, several times a day, to find it never ceases to have various groups milling about its front porch. But for me, it’s true ‘Galli essence’ is to be found inside once the sun retreats for the evening. The back of the bar becomes a stage, the floor above morphs into a restaurant and the seating outside becomes a hub for all locals looking to knock back a pint at the end of a long working day.


Many a time have my friends and I sauntered over to soak up the chilled out ambience of the Galli where you can nurse a cider at a candle-lit table as you listen to sweet folk or foot-tapping swing music erupt from the stage below. Although skip forward to the weekend and you’ll find a much more lively affair. Locally based DJs playing upbeat tunes to an opened up dance floor that is perfect for a wee boogie!

There’s also some fine cuisine to be had at the Galli.

Alike many eateries in Bristol, the menu at the Galli changes frequently to compliment the changes in seasonal produce throughout the year. Although, from what I’ve seen, there’s always some form of roast and veggie risotto on to keep some consistency. The dishes always coming out well cooked and beautifully presented.

For our main courses, we opted for a butternut squash risotto with blue cheese and sage (£11.50) alongside a confit duck leg with artichoke and spinach (£12.50) which were divine. The risotto more than satisfying my veggie friend whilst I was begging for more after scraping my plate clean of every morsel left. There were also a selection of deserts to choose from which too, were heavenly. Although for the summer months, I particularly recommend the sorbet which is a great palate cleanser after a hefty meaty meal. £1.50 a scoop? Bargain.


The Gallimouthfuls are also worth a go as a more upmarket alternative to the classic ‘mixed nuts in bowl’ that you usually find in pubs. Calamari, doused veggies and potted pork with toast and pickles all under a fiver and perfect for dipping into if you feel the munchies taking hold as the evening progresses. They’d also make a great mini lunch.

I for one am certainly glad the Galli is my new local. Sure, the menu can be a little pricey but the food is way above the gastro-pub standard and especially on the week days, most punters are usually just after a pint and some good music anyway. With outdoor seating for the summer and cosy sofas and padded bench seating inside for the winter, the Galli is the classy go-to for a meal out or (reasonably) chilled out drink come any day of the week. We laave it!

26/28 The Promenade, Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AL


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