Pipe and Slippers, Cheltenham Road

Girl in Bristol reviews the Pipe and Slippers on the 22nd June 2014 with Bristol Bar Blog.

Yesterday, was a good day.


Because I finally got to meet the infamous Rich from the Bristol Bar Blog. The name without a face. The man with no physical being. The third musketeer of the bar-mongering fellowship who I’ve recently been spending pretty much every evening drinking with. To commemorate this occasion the Bristol Bar Blog boys and I went on a wee Wednesday night bar crawl about Gloucester Road. And aside from the usual haunts, we dropped by the Pipe and Slippers. Finally!


Affiliated with the Lazy Dog and The Windmill, The Pipe and Slippers is not what you’d imagine it to be judging from the outside. The small courtyard outside which affords itself primarily as a smoking area, looking somewhat run down and abandoned save for the regulars who were perched (some on top of each other!) to the right. However when venturing further in, you will see what can only be described as your grandparents living room. Those uber comfy leather arm chairs which make you feel like Blofeld from James Bond when you sit in them, those rustic wooden tables dotted about the room, the Victorian ceilings and pillars which nod to the Pipe’s Berkeley Castle Pub origins. It was all good and it was all very much our kind of place.

The bar, you’ll be pleased to know, it also large and very well stocked with a sufficient number of different ciders and beer to please anyone. We went a pint of cider which in this case was named Crossman’s Farmhouse which didn’t disappoint. Moderately strong with a slight zing – refreshing and delicious on a summer’s evening! Sadly we weren’t there early enough to sample the Pipe’s food on this occasion but this image of their roast on a Sunday speaks for itself.As do the Bristol Sunday Roast Club who claim these guys are awesome. Nonetheless, we’ll certainly be back to try that bad boy out for ourselves.

Now THAT is what I call a roast dinner!

With upbeat tunes playing in the background, a smoking area outside and plenty of room within (or at least there is on a weeknight), the Pipe is a great place to stop off at on your travels. Though from our experiences with Mike last night, I do recommend you keep your political rants to a minimum here … Even if they are about UKIP. But let’s not get into that.

118 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol, Avon BS6 5RW


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