The Bristol Flyer, Gloucester Road

Girl in Bristol reviews The Flyer on Gloucester Road, a beloved pub which is a favourite amongst the locals for a Sunday Roast

The Flyer is a pivotal part of Gloucester Road. The huge beer garden out the back, the old-school sofas and pub features, the elongated bar which takes up almost the entire left side of the pub. All make the Flyer the main go to for any meal out or bar crawl. And whilst we have often been amongst the Friday night swarm of people who descend upon the Flyer, this time we thought we’d change it up and come for a good ol’ Sunday roast.


The first thing that charmed us about this place was the friendliness of the Flyer’s staff and regulars. When we arrived at around 2pm, the Flyer was already packed with groups of families and friends tucking into their Sunday roasts, however seeing our desperation following our failed attempts to get a roast elsewhere, the (I’m presuming) manager was fabulous to come out from behind the bar in order to help us find a space. The service was also quick with the meal itself being delivered to us within ten minutes of ordering by a cheerful waiter. We even recognised some of the staff from the night before so it was truly admirable to see all members looking bright-eyed and attentive despite their late shifts the night before. It’s safe to say we weren’t looking quite so fresh!

1624139_10152181228974860_571081451_nFor the mains, my companion opted for a chicken roast (£11.00) whilst I chose a pork and apple sauce (with crackling) option which were both served with the traditional yorkie pudding, roast potatoes and red wine gravy. There were also seasonal vegetables that came with the dishes although we discovered they were more just chopped up cubes of carrots and parsnips from a can. As a big roasted parsnip fan I’ll admit I was pretty gutted. Still, with a full plateful of food including a substantial amount of meat for £10.50 (my companion had half a chicken with theirs!), one can’t really complain. The Americano I ordered to accompany my main was also much appreciated and cheap in price.

As far as pubs go, this place has to be one of the best on the road. Offering good portion sizes of decent pub grub food for reasonable prices. It’s also only ten minutes away from St. Andrew’s park if you fancy a walk to shift that aching stomach full of food afterwards. Bonus!

96 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8BN


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