The Arts House, Stokes Croft

Girl in Bristol reviews The Arts House, a community cafe in Stokes Croft which serves one of the best hot chocolates in town!

The Arts House is one of those places that every writer, artist and general coffee lover romanticises about; the sofas that you can (genuinely) sink into, the secluded snugs that you can hide away in, the stools by the window where you can watch the world go by. And of course, there’s an obligatory range of homemade cakes at the bar for you to painstakingly choose between. We opted for the coffee cake which, whilst not one I’d normally go for, was delicious. The portion size was also more than enough to satisfy the two of us, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth there.

First and foremost, I loved this place for its snug downstairs; a part of the café that I literally stumbled upon when hunting for the toilets. But then, the concealment of these little hidey-holes are what make them all the more special. Perfect for any of you who are desperate to leave the house but would appreciate some moments to yourself and your craft – even if that’s just consuming copious amounts of coffee!

1508472_10152078371999860_155003781_nThe hot chocolate was also divine, boasting a rich flavour with a slight bitter tang from the dark chocolate. What’s more, it wasn’t excessively creamy which can make hot chocolates in some places a little too sickly. In fact, it has to be up there amongst my favourite places to go for a hot chocolate. This, a rare compliment to be given by a girl who’s a bit of a hot chocolate snob to say the least…

An additional thing that makes this café a little different are its opening hours. In most places cafes shut around 5-6pm, however the Arts Café is open until 11pm seven days a week serving cocktails and other alcoholic beverages in the evening following its semi-transformation into a bar. However, when we arrived around 5pm it was still in cosy café mode which was just what we needed.

With Art exhibitions, topical cinema viewings and live music to boot – the Arts House is one that’s worth a visit come any time of the day. And, they also do food! So we’ll certainly be back to sample that.

Finally, we can cling onto our much beloved coffee culture into the twilight hours.

108A Stokes Croft, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3RU


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