Atomic Burger, Gloucester Road

Girl in Bristol reviews Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road, a quirky burger bar which takes you back to your childhood.

In my eyes, the two ULTIMATE burger places in Bristol (that I know of so far) are Grillstock and Atomic Burger. Although with Atomic Burger being just up the road from me, it’s the one I visit more regularly. More to the point they serve peanut butter thick-shakes, which are beyond incredible. With summer just around the corner I urge you to sample that bad boy!

Given Atomic Burger’s popularity, it’s clear to see that my opinion is shared amongst the people of Bristol. On weekdays, you can usually get a walk-in table but if you take the risk to turn up on the weekend without booking, you would have little hope for Atomic Burger is greatly sought out!

Although maybe this isn’t so surprising given the novel nature of Atomic Burger’s décor. Indeed, you’ll find no neutral tones or plentiful burger photographs which we so often see inside mainstream burger joints. Nope, instead you’ll discover superhero embellished walls, an assortment of toy spaceships, bagpuss’ and ETs drifting about the ceiling. And that’s just the main floor. Once you nip to the loo girls, you’ll finally find where all your old Barbie stickers ended up …

Moving on to the appetizers. They’re not appetizers. During our last visit, we didn’t quite finish ours for fear we’d have no room left! Admittedly my appetiser, Speedy Gonzales Loaded, was supposed to be shared. But I simply couldn’t resist having it. Lashings of beautifully spiced pulled pork seeped in BBQ sauce layering hot cheesy nachos with guacamole and sour cream? How could you resist? Although to keep it varied, my friend opted for the veggie option of breaded cajun mushrooms served on a bed of lettuce with garlic mayonnaise (“shroomies”) which were also very tasty.


We chose a Jack Burton burger (crispy peking duck burger loaded with spring onions and cucumber) and a Dog Norris (hot dog with BBQ pulled pork, aged cheddar sauce and white onion) for our mains which we split 50/50 so we could sample both. The duck in particular was a highlight for our table. Making for a delicious alternative to the stereotypical beef burger option. The meat was tender with a healthy touch of pink and the spring onions gave a refreshing zing to eat bite. I also loved the sweet potato fries, which I have scarcely found elsewhere, as well as the sci-fi fries for a side option. The latter was slightly spicy but we easily toned it down when dunking the sci-fi fries in mayo first. My only criticism of the meal is that the hot dog’s skin was quite rubbery and tough, making it was hard to bite through and later swallow. Although the burger was flawless, we almost rolled home afterwards.

The menu at Atomic Burger boasts a whole range of options and certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the best burger places in Bristol. The service are friendly and knowledgeable of the menu, the food is delicious and flavoursome and the venue is fun and a sweet reminder of our childhood cartoon heroes. The only challenge is managing to fit in all three courses. We’ll probably skip the meal before in preparation next time.

189 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, Avon BS7 8BG


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