@thewell, Cheltenham Road

Girl in Bristol reviews @thewell, a cafe/ laundrette brought to Stokes Croft by three sisters.

Many of us spend our weekends doing primarily two things, hanging out with friends and working through measly house chores ready for the following week. But what if you could do both simultaneously?

Newly revamped, @thewell continues to outdo itself with it’s ever expanding menu which offers pancakes, paninis, toasties and a wide range of drinks at very reasonable prices. All, lovingly prepared on site by @thewell’s delightful, friendly staff.

However @thewell also bring something else to the table, something you won’t find anywhere else in Bristol, the chance to do your washing and have your brunch all in the same place! Now that’s my kind of multi-tasking.

12071873_10153689872854860_275386074_nWhen traipsing into the vintage, rustic wonderland that is @thewell for the first time, we couldn’t resist ordering it’s infamous transatlantic pancakes. Succulent bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms and maple syrup on a bed of American pancakes –  why wouldn’t you be tempted?

However, if bacon and maple syrup pancakes (£6.25) or transatlantic pancakes (£6.95) don’t really push your buttons there are also a whole range of other dishes up for grabs. The all-day breakfast menu inclusive of toast, muesli and the traditional ‘egg’ dishes whilst @thewell’s lunch menu boasts a wide range of very reasonably priced sarnies, wraps, soups and er, stuff on toast. Mushrooms on toast (£3.75) is a particular favourite of mine.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, there’s also a changing array of cakes at the bar for you to choose from when ordering a coffee – or laundry tokens. Be sure to try out the filter coffees or the oh-so-warming-and-sweet ‘drink that must not be named’ (sound Harry Pottery at all?) too.


All this aside, the main aspect of this place that keeps so many coming back (myself included) are @thewell’s friendly staff and warm atmosphere. Often I come walking in laden down with books and my laptop and will sit for hours working away near the bar but never do you feel rushed or unwelcome here by the staff or the customers. Only the other day did I briefly get chatting to a regular who was sat with his book on the sofa, his cheery disposition infectious and patient despite the racket I made when coming in. It was also lovely to see the rapport the team had built with so many of the customers coming in, engaging in friendly conversation and banter that gave @thewell a real community feel.

12064033_10153689872814860_1699068855_nHowever this community really comes alive at @thewell’s monthly music nights, one of which I reviewed back in December. Here you will find local artists and those from further afield who play largely folk-style music from 7.30-10pm with free entry to all. Bath gem, beer, wine and hot drinks are all provided at the bar and for a couple of hours on a Friday evening, you can stand amongst many and sway or clap to some live music. Not a bad way to begin the Friday festivities eh?

I really cannot recommend @thewell highly enough. Whether you live down the road, or even in another city they’re worth the journey so drop by at some point and check them out.

145 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol, Avon BS6 5RR


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