Bagel Boy, St Nicholas Street

Girl in Bristol reviews Bagel Boy on 15th May 2014, a venue which brings a taste of the New York bagel scene to Bristol

Without a doubt, bagels have to be one of my biggest downfalls. Have them sweet, have them savoury, have them on the go or have them in – they are one of the most versatile and exciting lunch options! So when I heard about Bagel Boy back in December 2012, it was more obligatory than choice that I went.

Situated just off Corn Street Bagel Boy is pretty central in Bristol, making it an easy pit stop for those working in the area. Each American-style bagel is freshly made and amounts to the size of an outstretched hand, oozing with cream cheese and various other condiments. The bagels themselves are also always served crisp and warm from the toaster, delivered in one of Bagel Boy’s trademark red baskets when you have it in.

1960304_10152244759264860_1921472896_nHowever, with such a wide array of options on offer, the selection process in itself can be a painstaking and brutal one. The blackboard menu to the right of the counter boasting over twenty options including veggie options and ‘patties.’ I ended up settling on Bagel Boy’s signature New York Boy (£4) filled with hot salt beef, mustard and gherkin on my first visit whilst my friend went for the Upsteam Boy (£4), a fishy option including smoked salmon and cream cheese. Although since then, we’ve also tried the Independent Boy (£3.80) and the veggie Roaster Boy (£5) which are both delicious. Though be warned, the Veggie Boy is a tad spicy! There are also a small number of sides on offer from chips to pulled pork, but for me, the bagel alone has always been more than enough to satisfy my lunch cravings!

The interior of Bagel Boy is also inviting. A number of sofas found at the back of the premises and a scattering of wooden tables and benches towards the front providing seating for any who wants it. There are also jam-jar candles lining most of the window sills which create a lovely relaxed atmosphere when the sun began to set. I also particularly (and I suppose, rather predictably) love the huge Fox mural on the wall, complimentary of Bristol’s infamous street art style.


So, if you’re looking for a place to grab some lunch that differs somewhat to the standard sarnie, Bagel Boy is most certainly a winner. Sadly we found their branch on Stokes Croft has recently shut down but rumour (ahem, Twitter) has it that there is also a Bagel Boy on 64 Park Street.

39-41 St Nicholas St, Bristol, Avon BS1 1TP


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